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03 Postdoctoral Fellowship at European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Germany

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European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Germany invites online Application for various Postdoctoral Fellowship in their different Departments. We are providing a list of Postdoc Fellowship positions available at European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Germany.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title:  Postdoctoral Fellow – Computational Analysis of Environmental Microbiome Data

We are seeking highly motivated computational biologists to join the research group of Peer Bork within the Structural and Computational Biology Unit as a postdoctoral fellow. This bioinformatics group works on a wide range of topics with a current focus on microbiome analysis in ecosystems like the human gut and the ocean. Within the TREC (Traversing European Coastlines) project, we are gathering microbiome data from soil and ocean samples.

Deadline : 1 February 2023

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(02) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc summary/title: Postdoctoral Position: Structural Biology of Pol I and Pol III Transcription

The Müller group is looking to recruit a highly motivated and cross-disciplinary postdoctoral researcher to pursue structure-function analyses of RNA polymerase I and RNA polymerase III transcription complexes. The Müller group ( pursues on one hand integrative structural biology and biochemical characterization of yeast and human Pol I and Pol III transcription complexes and their interaction with cellular factors in vitro to understand better their roles in human diseases including cancer. On the other hand, we explore in situ the role of Pol I and Pol III transcription in shaping the nucleolus and in genome organization using cryo-electron tomography, fluorescence microscopy and correlative approaches.

Deadline : 31 January 2023

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(03) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: 2022 EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdocs Fellowships-Exploring Life In Context: call for applications

Eligible applicants are invited to develop interdisciplinary research projects in the context of the EMBL research programme: Molecules to Ecosystems. Projects require an EMBL host and a partner. The partner may come from EMBL or from an academic institute, clinic or industry located in an EMBL Member State, Associate Member State or Prospective Member State (MS). The participation of EMBL and external labs from different sectors provide fellows with valuable interdisciplinary research training and strong inter-sectorial exposure. Fellows choose the type of research project they would like to work on and the combination of research groups to best enable their projects based on their research interests and future career goals. Importantly, projects must allow candidates to gain new skills contributing to interdisciplinary research skill sets.

Deadline :  18 January 2023

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About The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Germany – Official Website

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is a molecular biology research institution supported by 27 member states, two prospect states, and one associate member state. EMBL was created in 1974 and is an intergovernmental organization funded by public research money from its member states. Research at EMBL is conducted by approximately 85 independent groups covering the spectrum of molecular biology. The list of independent groups at EMBL can be found at The Laboratory operates from six sites: the main laboratory in Heidelberg, and sites in Hinxton (the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), in England), Grenoble (France), Hamburg (Germany), Rome (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain). EMBL groups and laboratories perform basic research in molecular biology and molecular medicine as well as train scientists, students, and visitors. The organization aids in the development of services, new instruments and methods, and technology in its member states. Israel is the only full member state located outside Europe.


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