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05 PhD Degree-Fully Funded at Maastricht University, Netherlands

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Maastricht University, Netherlands invites online Application for number of  Fully Funded PhD Degree at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Programs available at Maastricht University, Netherlands.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD In Philosophy | Epistemology and Ethics in working with Conversational AI | Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences | 1.0 FTE

We are seeking a highly qualified PhD candidate with a background in philosophy to join our research team and pursue groundbreaking research in philosophy with a focus on the epistemology and ethics of Conversational AI. If you are the successful candidate, you will participate in the development of new techniques and methodologies for the responsible development and use of trustworthy Conversational AI systems to support expert scientific teams in their work. You will use methods and conceptual frameworks from philosophy (e.g. social epistemology), cognitive science, ethics, and responsible innovation studies (e.g. design for values) to investigate how experts can work with Conversational AI in an ethically and epistemologically sound fashion.In this role, you will work closely with data scientists, developers and the Lab’s industrial partners. You will be part of one of the 17 new ICAI labs, named GENIUS (Generative Enhanced Next-Generation Intelligent Understanding Systems) consisting of 5 PhD students, who will collaborate to create human-AI knowledge engineering systems to support collaborative knowledge synthesis, integration of distributed knowledge, knowledge-graph and services powered generative AI, neurosymbolic reasoning, and hybrid human-AI ethics. The GENIUS lab will bring together two of the strongest groups on human-AI knowledge engineering in the Netherlands (UM and Delft), with industry partners DSM and, to develop effective and trustworthy generative AI technologies in a variety of contexts including food innovation and supply chains.

Deadline : 1 Oct 2023

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(02) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD position in vestibular implant research | School of Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNs) | 1.0 FTE

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a finished Master’s degree in medicine, neuroscience, biomedical sciences or another related discipline. They should present an intrinsic interest in medical scientific research, and an sparked interest into the field of balance and medical devices. Willingness to collaborate in a team, an efficient working style, strong communication skills and enthusiasm for interaction with our patient user group are further prerequisites. Appropriate training and mentorship by post-doctoral researchers will be provided.

Deadline : 10 Oct 2023

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(03) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD Candidate in Network Science | School of Business and Economics | 1.0 FTE

You will develop methods to reconstruct time-evolving networks from uncertain and indirect observational data and apply these to real-world complex systems. Complex systems play an important role in many aspects of our lives, including technological systems such as the world wide web, telecommunications and power grids, biological systems of metabolic interactions and neuronal activity of the brain, as well as the way we interact in society. Key to understanding these complex systems are the use of networks that allow us to analyse the system as a whole, rather than as a collection of independent units. Most empirical studies of networks, as well as the methods they employ, assume that the network data we are given represent a complete and accurate picture of the nodes and edges in the system of interest. However, data collected on real-world systems are typically prone to noise, errors, omissions and inconsistencies. This project aims to better understand the impact of these uncertainties on the analysis of time-evolving complex systems and develop statistical models and inference methods that are robust to noisy, error-prone or missing data. You will develop models of uncertainty to study the effects of noise and missing data on temporal network analysis. The aims of the project are to (i) develop methods to reconstruct networks from noisy and indirect observations of dynamic complex biological systems, (ii) develop efficient algorithms for scalable inference, and (iii) apply these methods to real-word biological systems.

Deadline :29 Sep 2023

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(04) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD candidate: development of lignin based covalent adaptable networks

This project is part of the FWO-SBO project ligDYN (Lignin based dynamic and circular thermosets). The consortium partners in the ligDYN project are Free University Brussels (VUB), Catholic University Leuven (KUL), Ghent University and Maastricht University. In this LigDYN project, lignin oil obtained by Reductive Catalytic Fractionation (RCF), a game changing lignocellulose biorefining process, will be functionalized for further incorporation in three major types of Covalent Adaptive Networks (CAN). Such oils are thus ideal for downstream functionalization research, and present a clear improvement over other available types of lignin. Both dissociative and associative CANs will be explored in thermoreversibe thermoset resins for more sustainable coatings and adhesives. The resulting sustainable (anticorrosive) coatings as well as adhesives are truly sustainable because not only are these materials biobased, due to the incorporation of lignin into the network structure, but the reversible nature ensures the ability to reprocess, reshape, and recycle. Such materials hold great promise as alternatives for conventional phenolic resins, as is evident by the broad interest from industrial partners, leading to an industrial user committee with companies from the whole value chain of both coatings and adhesives. The task of Maastricht University is to develop and characterize lignin based CANs, starting from RCF lignin from KUL. Study of the material characteristics via rheology, DMA, tensile testing etc. is an important part of the job. Screening of the properties of the lignin based resins in coating and adhesive applications will also be done, in close collaboration with the people from VUB and from the industrial advisory board.

Deadline : Open until filled

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(05) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD position at the School of Health Professions Education (SHE) on supporting students’ optimal use of self-assessments in competency-based medical education (1.0 FTE)

We are looking for a candidate with a (research) master of science (MSc) in education, psychology, health professions education or any related domain, with an interest in practice-oriented educational research, and a team-player with strong communication skills. Being creative, flexible, and independent and having any experience with quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods research, as well as the ability to speak and write Dutch are an advantage.

Deadline : Open until filled

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About Maastricht University, Netherlands –Official Website

Maastricht University  is a public university in Maastricht, Netherlands. Founded in 1976, it is the second youngest of the thirteen Dutch universities.

In 2019, 19,000 students studied at Maastricht University, 54% of whom were foreign students, with over 4,000 employees. About half of the bachelor’s programmes are fully offered in English, while the other half is taught wholly or partly in Dutch. Most of the master’s and doctoral programmes are in English. Besides traditional programmes, Maastricht University also has an honours liberal arts college: University College Maastricht and a Maastricht Science Programme in the same liberal arts tradition. The satellite University College Venlo opened in 2015.

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.


Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.


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