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06 PhD Degree-Fully Funded at University of Freiburg, Germany

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University of Freiburg, Germany invites online Application for number of  Fully Funded PhD Degree at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Programs available at University of Freiburg, Germany.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: Laser active micro-optical frequency converters (PhD position)

Optical microresonators store laser light via total internal reflection for hundreds of nanoseconds. Simultaneously, the power of the laser light increases by several orders of magnitude. This paves the way for ultra-compact and efficient frequency converters and sensors. In this PhD project, we want to explore laser active microresonators with storage times in the millisecond range. Thus, we enter a completely new range here and aim for converting the frequency of near infrared laser light by 10 THz with 100 % internal efficiency. Such a source could revolutionize applications such as distance measurement or 3D shape recognition. Moreover, these resonators might lead to a breakthrough in the field of sensor technology, since here the storage time limits the detection limit.

Deadline : 30.09.2023

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(02) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: Doctoral Researcher of the Research Unit RU 5571 – PhytOakMeter

The Chair of Ecosystem Physiology is seeking two junior scientists to study stress impacts on oak trees within the new Research Unit (RU 5571).Both PhD positions are integrated in the subproject 3 conducting experiments on drought memory and multiple abiotic and biotic stress under controlled conditions in the lab and in the field and applying ecophysiological measurements (chlorophyll fluorescence, water potential, gas exchange, stable isotopes) to quantify stress effects in oak. You will closely collaborate with doctoral researchers from our cooperation partners within the RU. Controlled climate change experiments at the university and joint field campaigns in Germany and along an European transect will be conducted. We are looking for two highly motivated, enthusiastic candidates with excellent capacity for teamwork to join our motivated team in the green city Freiburg.

Deadline : 31.08.2023

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(03) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD Research Position in International Economic Policy

The Institute for Economic Research, Department of International Economic Policy at the University of Freiburg is seeking a teaching and research assistant (50%) who intends to write a doctoral thesis in our field of research. Our PhD candidates regularly participate in national and international conferences, they undertake research periods abroad and publish their results in peer-reviewed journals. We offer a stimulating intellectual climate, close cooperation within the team and a beautiful working environment.

Deadline : 03.08.2023

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(04) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD research position

We aim at developing integrated solar-charging electrochemical actuators. Such photo-electrochemical actuators will be realized by integrating an electrochemical actuator with a suitable solar cell or a suitable photostorage device (i.e. a PhotoSuperCap or a PhotoBattery)[1–3], the latter providing a sufficient output voltage and current for its operation. To achieve fast fluctuations and large displacement at a voltage that matches the Voc of the envisioned solar cell system, electrochemical actuator electrodes based on highly parallelized super- or pseudocapacitive 2D materials, with high electronic and ionic conductivity, high stability and mechanical strength combined with good flexibility will be developed. Thus, the project will be dealing with 2D materials synthesis and characterization, as well as electrode design, processing, and integration with solar cells or photostorage systems. Extensive characterization of the devices (separately and when integrated) to better understand their working principles and to identify limiting factors are an integral part of the project.

Deadline : 31.08.2023

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(05) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD position in experimental neuroscience – Investigations on the role of inhibition in the activity-dependent self-organization of neuronal networks

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student for a project investigating the role of inhibition in the activity-dependent self-organization of neuronal networks. The successful candidate will be trained in neuronal cell culture techniques and experiments using advanced neurophysiological techniques (microelectrode arrays, patch-clamp, calcium imaging, time-lapse microscopy, immunohistochemistry and optogenetics). This experimental thesis project will be carried out in close collaboration with a complementing project using computational modeling to study network formation and maturation of inhibition.

Deadline :  31.07.2023

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(06) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD research position in the project SNAPVALVE: Soft snap through electromechanical valves for autonomous soft machines

The most widely adopted technology to drive soft robots is fluidic actuation, due to the fast response time, the complex deformation patterns and the large forces generated. However, fluidic elements per se are not actuators but rather mechanical transmission elements. Indeed, the actuator is the valve to which the soft fluidic element is connected. Such valve is conventionally an electromechanical device, which is heavy, large and rigid and often placed externally to the soft machine, condemning it to be tethered, or when on-board, contradicting the compliant nature of the machine. Thus, there is an urgent need in soft robotics to design and fabricate soft valves that can be integrated in the same embodiment of the soft machines to not compromise their functional compliance. As fluidic principles can be retained to transmit mechanical power to soft structures, SNAPVALVE aims to research and develop a new mechanism to build soft electromechanical transducers. You will investigate soft electromagnetic actuation based on gallium-filled conductive channels embedded in elastomeric matrices to build the envisioned actuators. Moreover, by harnessing the nonlinear mechanical properties of soft materials, you will develop a new mechanical design featuring snap-through elastic instabilities in order to amplify the valve displacement.

Deadline : 28.07.2023

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About The University of Freiburg, Germany  –Official Website

The University of Freiburg , officially the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg is a public research university located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The university was founded in 1457 by the Habsburg dynasty as the second university in Austrian-Habsburg territory after the University of Vienna. Today, Freiburg is the fifth-oldest university in Germany, with a long tradition of teaching the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences and technology and enjoys a high academic reputation both nationally and internationally. The university is made up of 11 faculties and attracts students from across Germany as well as from over 120 other countries. Foreign students constitute about 18.2% of total student numbers.

The University of Freiburg has been associated with figures such as Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, Rudolf Carnap, David Daube, Johann Eck, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Friedrich Hayek, Edmund Husserl, Edith Stein, Friedrich Meinecke, Max Weber, Paul Uhlenhuth and Ernst Zermelo. As of October 2020, 22 Nobel laureates are affiliated with the University of Freiburg as alumni, faculty or researchers, and 15 academics have been honored with the highest German research prize, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, while working at the university.


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