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10 Postdoctoral Fellowship at NTNU, Norway

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 NTNU, Norway invites online Application for various Postdoctoral Fellowship in their different Departments. We are providing a list of Postdoc Fellowship positions available at NTNU, Norway.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title:  Postdoctoral Fellow in Artificial Intelligence, Assessment, and Professional Digital Competence

The successful fellow will contribute to the project with individual and collaborative research to explore the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI), assessment, and professional digital competence (PDC) in language teacher education and language education in the school. The fellow may consider pursuing any project that investigates to what extent AI affects formative and summative assessment practices and teachers’ PDC in different language education contexts, including (but not limited to) primary and secondary school, and teacher education. The fellow should pursue practices with emerging AI-enabled language learning technologies (for instance assignments, coursework, and/or examinations supported by content creation tools such as ChatGPT chatbot, Grammarly virtual writing assistant, Hivemind AI writing tool) and discuss how PDC is relevant for the design of language teaching and learning processes. This research will contribute to the discourse of language education, AI and technology-enhanced language learning, assessment, and teachers’ PDC in education. The candidate will work closely with the New Technologies and Educational Design research group and contribute to seminars, workshops, and conferences. Research areas may include related topics such as the use of AI-supported digital learning resources and learning environments in language learning, the role of AI in language assessment and academic integrity, the professional development of teachers’ PDC, and AI-enabled language assessment practices.

Deadline : 4th September 2023

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(02) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc summary/title: Postdoctoral Fellow in Reactive Multiphase Modeling

The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions.

We have a vacancy for a Postdoctoral Fellow to work with reactive multiphase modeling for the thermal treatment of municipal solid wastes at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT) in Trondheim, Norway. The process of gasifying municipal solid waste and separated fractions, including low-quality biomass and plastics, can generate gas for energy application, produce hydrogen, or high-quality syngas for chemical synthesis. The gasification of waste is a technology that enables the integration of bio-based carbon into the future circular economy by utilizing low-quality biomass and allows for the recycling of mixed plastic wastes. Computational tools are used to study and optimize gasification units by analyzing how different waste streams and conditions affect the process and product gas composition. However, simulating the gasification process is challenging due to the varying feedstock and the different involved processes that occur over a wide range of time and length scales, such as particle break-up and interaction, chemical reactions, and highly turbulent flow. In high-fidelity turbulence modeling (LES and DNS), the thermo-chemical processes must typically be simplified due to computational limitations. The Postdoctoral Fellowship aims to create a new computational method using a tabulated approach to overcome these limitations. Together with a surrogate approach for solid wastes, the tabulation method aims to incorporate particle break-up and heterogeneous and homogeneous reactions into high-fidelity computational tools. The goal is to develop a cutting-edge method for modeling reactive multiphase processes in solid waste materials.

Deadline : 10th August 2023

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(03) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: 2 Postdoctoral Fellows in Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

The two positions are part of the European Horizon-Infra-2022-Tech-01 program under the project entitled “SUBMERSE” (SUBMarine cablEs for ReSearch and Exploration). NTNU is one of 24 partners in the project that lasts for 3 years. The overall objective of the project is to develop a new world-class research instrument integrating already existing infrastructures from there European nations as well as Pan-European and Pan-American institutions, to disseminate SOP and DAS data. Both Post Doc positions will be integrated in the Centre for Geophysical Forecasting (CGF), which is one of the Norwegian centres for research-driven innovation, funded by the Research Council of Norway and research and industry partners. The successful applicants will work at the CGF premises at NTNU in Trondheim in our team of key researchers. The Post Doc research fellowships will be hosted by the Department of Electronic Systems. The successful candidates will be offered 2-year positions, which could potentially be extended with teaching duties. The aim of the SUBMERSE project is to provide continuous recording of scientific data, especially focused on solid earth and marine science research.

Deadline :8th August 2023

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(04) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: 2-year postdoc in STS: Electricity grids as a site of transformative innovation

NTNU, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture (KULT), is announcing a 2-year post-doctoral position at the intersection of STS and sustainability transitions research. KULT is an interdisciplinary unit with a staff trained in humanities and social sciences, with a vibrant community of committed scholars who engage in a combination of research and teaching across all levels. The project focuses on the role of electricity grids and electricity grid operators in energy transitions, with a particular focus on their potential role in transformative innovation processes. The position will be part of KULTs Centre for technology and society and the research group on energy, climate, and environment. The position is funded by the Centre for intelligent electricity distribution (Cineldi).  Cineldi is a national centre for environmentally friendly energy, which is focused on understanding and developing the electricity grid of the future. Electrification lies at the heart of Norwegian energy transition strategies. This entails ramping up a combination of renewable energy production and storage, to electrify transport and industry. Electricity grids are key to this process: they connect production, consumption, and storage across energy carriers. Conceptually, this means that they are central in processes of sector coupling or multi-system interaction, which has been highlighted as a key characteristic of current energy transitions. At the same time, grid expansion is increasingly contested due to land-use issues and other sustainability concerns.

Deadline : 6th August 2023

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(05) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral Fellow in Artificial Intelligence for Fair Decision Making

The position is funded by European commission (EU) and is connected to a project focusing on bias, discrimination and unfairness problems related to the use of AI in the employee recruitment process. Here is the link to the project’s web page: The project (with short title “BIAS”)  is funded by the European Union (EU)  and is of highly multidisciplinary nature and investigates the  ethical issues in AI such as discrimination, diversity and fairness. In the BIAS project you will work with real data on job applications. You will design and implement  an AI-based decision support system(DSS), in particular for scanning and ranking the applications. A key requirement of the DSS is fairness, more specifically individual fairness where methods for fairly measuring similarity between job applications will be of special focus.

Deadline :23rd July 2023

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(06) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral Fellow in environmentally friendly materials for road construction

The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions. The position is part of a joint research project with several partners from Norwegian research institutions and industry. More information about the research program can be found at (In Norwegian). The research for the post doc position will be in WP3 focusing on environmentally friendly asphalt, local granular materials, and recycled materials.

Deadline : 22nd July 2023

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(07) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Next-Generation Learning Techniques and Secure Data Processing

The Department of Electronic Systems has a vacancy for one postdoctoral researcher in statistical machine learning and signal processing. The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions. The successful candidate will be offered a two-year appointment. The position reports to the Head of the Department of Electronic Systems. The workplace will be Trondheim. Are you a highly motivated researcher with expertise in signal processing, wireless communications, and statistical machine learning? If so, we invite you to apply for our postdoctoral researcher position within the COPS project: Comprehensive Privacy and Security in IoT/CPS.  As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on ground-breaking research topics such as secure and privacy-preserving learning, federated and meta-learning, and resource-efficient approaches for distributed inference, with a specific focus on wireless communications. You will be part of a collaborative environment, working alongside accomplished researchers, and have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources.  Take the first step and apply now, embarking on a transformative postdoctoral experience where you can make a significant impact in the realms of distributed machine learning and inference, IoT/CPS, privacy, and security.

Deadline : 15th July 2023

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(08) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral Fellow in the Tomographic Measurement of Fluid Flows

The current project involves the development and application of Tomographic measurements methods to various problems in fluid dynamics and combustion science. Computed Tomography in fluid mechanics commonly involves measuring multiple projections from a scalar field of interest, and then solving an underdetermined linear system of equations to reconstruct the most likely three-dimensional distribution of the scalar field. In the current project the method will be applied to both reacting and non-reacting flows. The project will also involve the development of image or view splitting methods, to gather multiple projections from different imaging angles onto a single imaging sensor. The reacting flow application will involve the reconstruction of asymmetric ammonia blended flames in a simplified model gas-turbine combustor, and multiple interacting flames in an annular combustor. Various frequencies of light will be collected in order to understand the flame topology and reaction structure as well as the dynamics during nominally stable turbulent combustion, and thermoacoustically unstable operation. The results will be important for the development of low emission gas turbine engines operating with novel ammonia fuel blends. In terms of non-reacting flows, the three-dimensional absorption of oxygen into a turbulent water channel flow will be investigated, using Laser Induced Fluorescence of oxygen. If time permits, three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry and novel particle sizing investigations may also be conducted in this application. The results will be important to future climate modelling efforts, allowing the more precise description of oxygen transport into the oceans as a function of important turbulence parameters.

Deadline : 2nd July 2023

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(09) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral Fellow in Stable Isotope Studies

We seek a three-year postdoctoral research fellow specializing in stable isotope analysis applied to bone collagen and archaeological osteological remains of humans and other key taxa, focusing on the introduction and prehistoric development of agriculture in Norway. The successful applicant will 

1)  join a growing interdisciplinary research environment with several researchers, PhD students and postdocs, connecting archaeology with the natural sciences,

2)  lead their own isotope-driven research pertaining to the formative period of agriculture from the transitory phase in Norway of the Late Neolithic to the Late Iron Age, measuring mainly δ13C, δ15N and δ34S on bulk collagen,

Deadline : 25th June 2023

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(10) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral fellowship in Modelling and Verification of Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods

The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions. We have a vacancy for a two-year Post Doc as part of the H2020 project syn.ikia and H2020 ARV Green Deal. The syn. ikia project is an innovation action that aims to increase the share of sustainable neigh bourhoods with surplus renewable energy in different contexts and climates in Europe. A key output of the project are four real-life demo neigh bourhoods in Norway, Spain, Austria, and the Netherlands. The overall aim of the EU-funded ARV project is to demonstrate and validate attractive, resilient, and affordable solutions that significantly speed-up deep energy renovations and deployment of energy and climate measures in the construction and energy industries.

Deadline : 23rd June 2023

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About NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway- Official Website

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology  is a public research university in Norway with the main campus in Trondheim and smaller campuses in Gjøvik and Ålesund. The largest university in Norway, NTNU has over 8,000 employees and over 40,000 students. NTNU in its current form was established by the King-in-Council in 1996 by the merger of the former University of Trondheim and other university-level institutions, with roots dating back to 1760, and has later also incorporated some former university colleges. NTNU is consistently ranked in the top one percentage among the world’s universities, usually in the 101–500 range depending on ranking.

NTNU has the main national responsibility for education and research in engineering and technology, and is the successor of Norway’s preeminent engineering university, the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), established by Parliament in 1910 as Norway’s national engineering university. In addition to engineering and natural sciences, the university offers higher education in other academic disciplines ranging from medicine, psychology, social sciences, the arts, teacher education, architecture and fine art. NTNU is well known for its close collaboration with industry, and particularly with its R&D partner SINTEF, which provided it with the biggest industrial link among all the technical universities in the world. The university’s academics include three Nobel laureates in medicine, Edvard Moser, May-Britt Moser and John O’Keefe.


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