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16 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark

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Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark invites online Application for various Postdoctoral Fellowship in their different Departments. We are providing a list of Postdoc Fellowship positions available at Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title:  Postdoc position in computational biology/bioinformatics – DTU Biosustain

If your areas of interest and competence are genomic big data science and software development, and you are looking to gain experience while working on projects that will make an impact on the world, this is your chance. Your personal efforts will enable and accelerate works towards development of new environment friendly products, new medical treatments, climate friendly farming, etc using by applying the tools /pipeline of Big Data, AI and bioinformatics for the life sciences. All code that you will develop will have a permissive open-source license (e.g., MIT), hosted on GitHub, and will be promoted at the international level via publications and conferences.  Through this, you will get the opportunity to utilize everything you know and help break new ground at the very forefront of what is possible.

Deadline :  6 April 2023

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(02) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc summary/title: Postdoctoral research fellowship on spin-charge interconversion phenomena in oxide heterostructures – DTU Energy

The work will be carried out in three stages: (1) The postdoc will fabricate complex oxide heterostructures based on SrTiO3 or KTaO3 by a combination of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and sputtering. Herein, a device fabrication optimization with respect to electron mobility will be carried out with the aid of simple electronic transport characterization techniques. (2) The devices will be characterized in more advanced electronic transport experiments for establishing the spin-orbit coupling strength and (3) The spin-charge conversion efficiency will be evaluated either by spin-injection transport or ferromagnetic resonance spin-pumping experiments.

Deadline : 20 April 2023

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(03) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Theoretical (Electro-)Catalysis – DTU Physics

We are seeking an outstanding postdoctoral candidate in the field of theoretical catalysis. The postdoc will be a member of the Catalysis Theory Center (Cattheory) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) located at the outskirts of Copenhagen. Cattheory spans two departments at DTU, the Department of Physics, and the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage.

Deadline : 23 March 2023 

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(04) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Variant Cost Estimation and AI – DTU Construct

You will have a unique opportunity to work and do research in a strong collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University and Industry as the project is conducted in four industrial case companies. The project will address the very business critical areas variant costing and IT infrastructure as the current knowledge of the financial implications of product development decisions needs improvement and automation to be used in industry. The position will give you an exceptional opportunity to work both practically and theoretically in such a way that you will see concrete solutions being implemented in the case companies. The Postdoc project is part of the AIMO research project. As a part of this project the Postdoc will work in and manage a cross disciplinary team to ensure implementation of the variant costing models to IT systems and automation using deep learning techniques.

Deadline : 19 March 2023

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(05) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Machine Learning for Signal Processing – DTU Compute

Are you interested in developing new machine learning and signal processing methods and putting your skills into practice? If you have a PhD or similar research background in machine learning or signal processing, and you are looking for the right place to make the most of your knowledge and talent, this is the position for you. As part of the project “Machine learning-enabled fiber-optic communication”, you will develop your skills at the forefront of scientific research.

Deadline : 15 March 2023

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(06) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Mathematical Modelling of PtX Plants – DTU Compute

We are looking for a profile with a strong background in mathematics or mathematical physics/statistics, chemistry/chemical engineering/electrical engineering who understands how to apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems by combining theory and engineering.

Deadline : 15 March 2023

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(07) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in automated inspection of chicken – DTU Food

This project aims to remove the number one bottleneck in the large-scale poultry slaughtering industry by the development of an advanced machine-vision system able to support the veterinary inspection in poultry slaughterhouses. The goal of the project is to finalize the development of a system ready for implementation at all Danish slaughterhouses and to export it world-wide. Since veterinary control is linked directly to food safety, there are strict requirements for the performance of a precise and accurate CVS system. This coupled together with defects and diseases that covers all challenges from hard-to-detect fine-grained details to non-trivial holistic inspection of the whole bird, makes it a challenging computer vision task. This will push the boundaries of what is possible with today’s deep learning models for computer vision and has from a technical point to be solved by involving spectral imaging. The developed vision system that involves public health, food safety and quality, will be validated in relation to manual internal and external meat inspection at selected slaughterhouses.

Deadline : 21 March 2023

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(08) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in development and test of metal supported solid oxide electrolysis cells – DTU Energy

This is the focus of the announced Postdoc project which will be carried out in close collaboration with industry.  The main task will be detailed characterization of the cells with respect to compositional and structural features using electron microscopy, and electrochemical performance as evaluated using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. You will also be involved in the development of the cells using ceramic processing techniques such as tape casting, lamination, screen printing, and infiltration.

Deadline : 21 March 2023

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(09) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Optical Fibre Sensing using Machine Learning – DTU Electro

The objective of the proposed project is to develop machine learning based approaches for enhancing the sensitivity of optical fiber sensing networks as well as for processing large amounts of data.  Ideally, one of the objectives of the project is to develop techniques for reaching the ultimate sensitivity limits, which is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. The project is interdisciplinary and will cover topics within the field of machine learning, fiber-optic communication, information theory and quantum optics. The project will be carried out in Machine Learning in Photonic Systems (M-LiPS) group. The group has a strong track record and industry collaboration in the application of machine learning techniques to fiber-optic communication and measurements systems, in general. A close collaboration with Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen, ADVA Optical Networking and NKT Photonics is envisioned within the project

Deadline : 17 March 2023

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(10) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Topological Photonics – DTU Electro

The Nanophotonics section at DTU Electro is seeking a highly motivated postdoc to be a part of a new programme on ‘Symmetry-guided discovery of topological photonics’, led by Senior Researcher Thomas Christensen, who moved from MIT to DTU in early 2023. Funded by a Villum Young Investigator programme (link), the project aims to uncover novel kinds of photonic topology using recent ideas and tools at the intersection of topological band theory, symmetry analysis, and group theory. You will work on developing and applying these ideas to discover new photonic phenomena, implement associated computational tooling, and to find opportunities for proof-of-principles demonstrations with experimental collaborators at the department and internationally. In particular, your work will advance the understanding of the interplay between photonic topology and symmetry in settings with non-Hermicity, time-periodic driving, or magnetic symmetry.

Deadline : 1 April 2023 

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(11) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Visible-Light Optical Phased Array – DTU Electro

We seek a 2-year Postdoc to carry out research on integrated visible-light optical phased array at DTU Electro. Optical phased array (OPA), the optical counterpart to phased array radar, can electronically control the phase of light emitters and allow for very stable, rapid and precise beam steering without any mechanical moving parts. Due to the unique features of compact size, fast scanning and low cost, integrated OPA is becoming a transformative technology for solid-state 2D optical beam steering.

Deadline : 15 March 202

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(12) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdocs in Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Computer Science and Eye Tracking – DTU Compute

Your role will be in developing and validating machine learning models. Your focus will be to create an experimental software framework for reading, capable of presenting text while collecting eye tracking data, doing feature extraction, inference and suggesting interventions in near real-time. You will do so by planning and performing experimental work and data collection on human subjects (normal vision as well as vision impaired). Your tasks might also include:

Deadline : 20 March 2023

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(13) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Microbial Biotechnology – DTU Biosustain

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability invites applicants for a 3 years postdoctoral position working on the development of next generation probiotics. We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced postdoctoral researcher to join our team. The present opportunity relates to a grant obtained by the group to use synthetic biology approaches to accelerate commercialization of next generation probiotics. The group has extensive experience developing microbiome therapeutics using a combination of synthetic biology approaches and preclinical models.

Deadline : 19 March 2023

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(14) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Computational Biology – DTU Biosustain

Do you have a background in computational biology, and interest in sequence data analysis for  microbial gene regulation? Does working at an ambitious, international research center where your efforts make a difference sound exciting? At DTU Biosustain we develop the next generation of biosustainable technologies using synthetic biology techniques. We aim to achieve the goal of sustainable future by creating novel paths to chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, and food using microbial cells.

Deadline :  15 March 2023

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(15) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Flat Oyster Production and Innovation – DTU Aqua

We invite you to apply for a position targeting research and innovation in flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) production. If you are interested in developing sustainable production of low trophic species for food and nature restoration, DTU Aqua is looking for a dedicated person that will join a team at the forefront of development in production of flat oyster spat. The position is affiliated with the National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) Section of Coastal Ecology with work location at the Danish Shellfish Centre in Nykøbing Mors, Denmark. We are the only shellfish hatchery in Denmark, with a new state-of-the-art hatchery inaugurated a year ago (link). Current research and development activities includes major aquaculture and restoration projects where production of flat oyster is a key component. The facility is in the middle of the largest fjord in Denmark where most of the shellfish fishery takes place, and we work in close collaboration with shellfish stakeholders.

Deadline : 15 March 2023

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(16) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Experimental Surface Science for: Discovering New Dual and Triple Atom Catalysts – DTU Physics

The position is at the Department of Physics (DTU Physics) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in the SurfCat section under the cluster sub-group, which involves several postdocs and PhD students. Here we enjoy a social, open and transparent scientific environment. The candidate will be able to take full advantage of the large number of personnel working in adjacent fields of investigation, from surface science on single crystals to the testing of high surface area catalysts in reactors.

Deadline : 24 March 2023

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About Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark – Official Website

The Technical University of Denmark, often simply referred to as DTU, is a university in the town Kongens Lyngby, 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) north of central Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1829 at the initiative of Hans Christian Ørsted as Denmark’s first polytechnic, and it is today ranked among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

Along with École Polytechnique in Paris, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Eindhoven University of Technology, Technical University of Munich and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, DTU is a member of EuroTech Universities Alliance.



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