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19 PhD Degree-Fully Funded at Uppsala University, Sweden

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Uppsala University, Sweden invites online Application for number of  Fully Funded PhD Degree at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Programs available at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Gender Studies

The Centre for Gender Research opens a position as PhD in Gender Studies, with an orientation towards the Technologization of Everyday Life, and more specifically gender-sensitive approaches to the design of social robots for real world applications. The PhD program spans four years of full-time work, and is financed with a salaried position as doctoral student. The PhD candidate is expected to work full time in the program, and contribute actively to the Centre’s and the program’s activities and milieu. Additional service at the Centre for Gender Research, in administration and/or education, may apply (max 20%) which then prolongs the duration of the PhD programme with the corresponding time. The orientation of the thesis project pursued by the PhD candidate must be situated within the field of Gender Studies.

Deadline : 2022-03-31

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(02) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Ancient Greek or Byzantine Studies

 Doctoral students in Greek at Uppsala university work in a lively research en-
vironment devoted to the study of the Greek language and Greek culture from antiquity to the Byzantine period. For this position we are looking primarily for a candidate who is interested in working in the research group “Ancient Values and Emotions”. This includes projects on the following themes:

Deadline : 2022-03-31

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(03) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: Up to four PhD positions in interdisciplinary mathematics

A PhD student should mainly focus on her/his own graduate education, which comprises four years of study. The position can also include other departmental duties (up to 20%), in which case the position is extended accordingly. The PhD student will work with an interdisciplinary research project, with at least two supervisors representing different scientific areas.

The PhD students are expected to engage actively in the activities of the center, such as seminars and workshops.They will be required to take at least 30 hp (6 months full time study) PhD courses in mathematics, modelling, statistics, scientific computing, offered by e.g. Department of Mathematics and Department of Information Technology.

Deadline : 2022-03-25

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(04) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Physics

The PhD student will work on ex- and in-situ characterization of hydrogen in different single crystalline material systems based on transition metals. In the project, a methodology will be developed, to employ ion beams for measurements of depth profiles and lattice location of hydrogen. A modification of the experimental set-up is planned in this context.  The results obtained from IBA will be complemented by experiments using X-ray and neutron scattering. A comparison with computer simulations and potentially theoretical investigations is planned. The overall goal is to rigorously combine different real and reciprocal space methods to extract the exact composition and structure of thin film metal hydrides and provide a better understanding of the fundamental thermodynamics of hydrogen in low-dimensional systems.

Deadline : 2022-03-31

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(05) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Theoretical Materials Chemistry

The PhD student will engage in a research project that concerns materials modeling of electrified solid-liquid interfaces for energy storage. We will explore the finite-field molecular dynamics which we recently developed, see the review of the method J. Phys.: Energy, 2020, 2: 032005. This will be combined with our new efforts on the development of atomistic machine learning, see J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2020, 60: 1184. The project will focus on the application of these new techniques in studying metal-oxide/electrolyte systems. This PhD project is financed by the European Research Council (ERC).

Deadline : 2022-03-31

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(06) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Experimental Neutrino Astrophysics

The successful candidate will work at the intersection of experimental neutrino physics and state-of-the-art deep learning to develop reconstruction methods for ultra-high-energy neutrinos. The successful candidate will also work towards multi-messenger astronomy with UHE neutrinos by providing real-time event reconstruction. The successful candidate will work in an international team and will be part of the RNO-G and IceCube-Gen2 collaborations.

Deadline : 18 March 2022

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(07) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student within the area of Global Mental Health

The position is within the research group Healthcare Sciences and e-Health, hosting U-CARE an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research program ( The U-CARE group e.g. specializes in, the development, piloting, and evaluation of Mental Health interventions for people with somatic disease, and their significant others, e.g. e-Health interventions. Representatives of the target groups are involved in our research. U-CARE has several international collaborations and our broad competence within research methodology was acknowledged in the latest evaluation of research conducted at Uppsala University. We have developed the internet-based platform, the U-CARE-portal (Portal) that supports internet-administered interventions (e.g. psychological support and treatment) and research procedures such as informed consent, randomization, and data collection. Several feasibility-, pilot-, and controlled studies with principal investigators within U-CARE or in other research groups are conducted on the Portal.

Deadline : 11 Mars 2022

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(08) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Aesthetics

Postgraduate studies extend over a 4-year period. The successful candidate will be employed by the department as a PhD candidate for 4 years (full-time). As employees they will be eligible for Swedish social benefits, such as paid parental leave. The starting salary is currently 27,700 SEK (ca. €2,600)/month and at present increases to 33,500 SEK (ca. €3,200)/month after the candidate has completed 80% of their research. Doctoral students are expected to engage in their studies full-time, and to participate in the activities of the department. The position might also entail teaching and other assignments, amounting to no more than 20% of full-time employment. The positions are available from 1st September 2022.

Deadline :1 March 2022,

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(09) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in History of Philosophy, in the project Joint Inquiry: A Platonic Approach

Uppsala University hereby announces a position as a doctoral student in the history of philosophy at the Department of Philosophy. Priority will be given to applicants whose primary research will be in ancient philosophy, especially those applicants whose primary research will be in Plato and the Platonic tradition or on ancient epistemology and the study of philosophical method. The position is partly funded by the project “Joint Inquiry: A Platonic Approach” financed by the Swedish Research Council, which addresses philosophical questions about the epistemology of (joint) inquiry in Plato’s dialogues. The project focuses on questions about the normative standards that guide joint inquiries, the character traits, responsibilities, and obligations relevant for participants in inquiries, as well as the relation of inquiries as they are depicted in Plato’s dialogues to knowledge and the ideal forms of inquiry. The applicant’s research proposal does not have to address exactly the same questions as the project, but in their application letter the applicant should explain how their planned research relates to the project. 

Deadline : 1 March 2022,

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(10) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Philosophy

Uppsala University hereby announces a position as a doctoral student in philosophy at the Department of Philosophy. For this position, priority will be given to applicants whose primary research will be in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics, or history of analytic philosophy.

Deadline : March 1, 2022,

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(11) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student with a focus on technical development of e-Health

As a PhD student, you will participate in the design, testing, and evaluation of CRI for systematic e-Health research in collaboration with system developers, researchers, healthcare staff, and representatives for participants in research studies. You will contribute to the information systems and health informatics research communities by conveying descriptive and prescriptive knowledge about designing CRI systems for e-Health research. For this position, research within e-Health with a focus on sustaining the usefulness of CRI systems for e-Health research in the academic research context is of particular interest.

Deadline : March 7th 2022

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(12) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development , Coastal Zone

Nordlund’s research group has an inter and transdisciplinary approach to strong sustainable development of the coastal zone especially links between coastal habitats and human well-being. This PhD position is part of the project ‘Rethinking MPAs – Protecting seagrass for biodiversity, food and climate’. Marine Protected Area (MPA) use has become one of the most widespread tools aiming to reduce the loss of marine species and habitats. A new global agenda to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030 provides a window of opportunity to rethink MPA design to maximize their benefits for both nature and society.

Deadline : 24 February 2022,

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(13) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in diabetes research

The project is standing at the intersection between many scientific fields and the candidate will beneficiate from the specific and complementary expertise in each domain from teams already collaborating with Mia Phillipson.

The research group of Professor Mia Phillipson is an international dynamic and very enthusiastic research team with a well-established collaborative network and strong funding. The conducted research is aiming to uncover novel roles of immune cells and to find means to regulate their specific functions in settings spanning from organ development and regulation of homeostasis to tissue healing, angiogenesis and inflammation. The laboratory is equipped with or have access to advanced technical tools and technology.

Deadline : 2022-02-22

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(14) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Human-in-the-Loop Design and Automation for Social Robotics

The PhD project will be focused on using human-in-the-loop design and automation methods to increase diversity in (i) who gets to develop social robots and (ii) what social robots “look like” (in terms of e.g. physical appearance, behaviour and/or “personality”) for improving human-robot interaction in socially assistive contexts (e.g. health, education). The specific PhD research plan will be adapted to the candidate’s research plan, profile, and interests.

Deadline : 21 February 2022

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(15) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student in Computing Science on the topic of efficient and provably correct execution environments

This project aims to develop efficient algorithms for key aspects of runtime systems related to memory management, task scheduling, compiler optimisations for specific runtimes with a strong focus on their formal verification. Thus, this project requires an understanding of and interest in both low-level aspects of program execution as well as mathematical underpinnings of verifying of algorithms operating at a low-level. There exist a wide range of interesting challenges to work on in the context of some specific runtime systems.

Deadline : March 1st 2022

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(16) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: Two PhD student positions in Machine Learning

The research projects for the advertised positions will be within the areas of machine learning. Two examples of potential research directions are briefly outlined below. As an applicant you are not required to specify a specific research topic in your application (but you are of course most welcome to do so if you want). Indeed, the topics below are provided mainly to make the advertised positions more concrete. We do welcome own initiatives and the precise research topic of each PhD student will be decided in a dialog between the student and the supervisor after a successful appointment. The problem formulations that are most relevant for this opening are the following:

Deadline : 21 March 2022, 

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(17) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD student position in Surface Physics with Focus on Electron-stimulated CO2 Adsorption

The purpose of the project is to study CO2 adsorption processes on metal oxide surfaces and to investigate how these processes can be tailored for proton-coupled electron transfer reactions for direct reduction of CO2 at oxide surfaces. The project is based on preliminary data and calculations demonstrating a hitherto unexplored electron-stimulated CO2 adsorption mechanism whereby adsorption takes place on locally reduced cation sites. Here, we aim specifically to quantify and generalize the reaction mechanism with advanced infrared surface (IR) spectroscopy techniques and temperature programmed desorption (TPD) under various experimental conditions ranging (vacuum to atmosphere; single crystals to nanoparticles). We will use DFT calculation methods for charge corrections of potential energy and interface charge transfer, as well as calculate adsorbate structures and vibrational spectra with methods developed within the research group.

Deadline : 31 March 2022

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(18) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: 2 PhD Students in collaboration between Department of Business Studies and Department of Law

An employed doctoral student must primarily devote his or her time to his or her own doctoral research (4-years full-time). Other duties may be included, such as teaching students, working in teaching teams, and administration (no more than 20% of the position) in which case the position may be extended to maximum 5 years. Rules governing PhD students are set out in the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5, §§ 1-7, in Uppsala University’s rules and guidelines and in the general study plan for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University.

Deadline :  1 March 2022

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(19) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: Doctoral student positions at the Faculty of Law

The overall purpose of the doctoral studies is to provide future newly qualified doctors of laws with good prospects for a successful career within or outside of higher education. This includes in-depth knowledge of the chosen subject in the field of research, a capacity for independent and critical thinking, proficiency in scientific methods and modes of working, an ability to identify interesting and researchable issues, teaching skills and the ability to express himself or herself well both orally and in writing, an ability to operate in an international context and an ability to understand and deal with ethical issues concerning research.

Deadline :  1 March 2022

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About Uppsala University, Sweden –Official Website

Uppsala University  is a research university in Uppsala, Sweden. Founded in 1477, it is the oldest university in Sweden and all of the Nordic countries still in operation. It has ranked among the world’s 100 best universities in several high-profile international rankings during recent years. The university uses “Gratiae veritas naturae” as its motto and embraces natural sciences.

The university rose to pronounced significance during the rise of Sweden as a great power at the end of the 16th century and was then given a relative financial stability with the large donation of King Gustavus Adolphus in the early 17th century. Uppsala also has an important historical place in Swedish national culture, identity and for the Swedish establishment: in historiography, literature, politics, and music. Many aspects of Swedish academic culture in general, such as the white student cap, originated in Uppsala. It shares some peculiarities, such as the student nation system, with Lund University and the University of Helsinki.

Uppsala belongs to the Coimbra Group of European universities and to the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities. The university has nine faculties distributed over three “disciplinary domains”. It has about 44,000 registered students and 2,300 doctoral students. It has a teaching staff of roughly 1,800 (part-time and full-time) out of a total of 6,900 employees. Twenty-eight per cent of the 716 professors at the university are women. Of its turnover of SEK 6.6 billion (approx. USD 775 million) in 2016, 29% was spent on education at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, while 70% was spent on research and research programs.

Architecturally, Uppsala University has traditionally had a strong presence in Fjärdingen, the neighbourhood around the cathedral on the western side of the River Fyris. Despite some more contemporary building developments further away from the centre, Uppsala’s historic centre continues to be dominated by the presence of the university.



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