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24 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden invites online Application for various Postdoctoral Fellowship in their different Departments. We are providing a list of Postdoc Fellowship positions available at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title:  Postdoc: Development of chemical process for LFP batteries recycling

The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable and complete extraction process for metal recovery from secondary sources – spent Li-ion batteries. Process has to be designed and optimized for further industrialization within two years. Co-operation with the industrial partner will be one of the required tasks as well as mobility between pilot plant and demonstration plant. Process will aim for high efficiencies and high purity of the produced precursors.

Deadline :2023-10-20

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(02) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc summary/title: Postdoctoral positions in Quantum Nanophotonics

As postdoctoral researcher, your main responsibilities are to lead and conduct research in collaboration with others, and to coach PhD students. You will be expected to help develop your skills, the team, and contribute with your creative ideas. We value a collaborative attitude and an interest in working both independently and collaboratively in a team environment, sharing best practices and assuming responsibility. Self-motivation, attention to detail, and a creative problem-solving ability are important personal qualities for these positions.

Deadline : 2023-10-30

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(03) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Materials Chemistry for Electrochemical Applications

In this postdoc position, you will be responsible for designing, synthesizing, and characterizing redox-active polymeric electrocatalysts for developing efficient electrodes for electrosynthesis. Once you have successfully synthesized these polymers, you will collaborate with Ph.D. students in the Giovannitti group and national and international collaborators to test their performance for electrochemical synthesis. Next to preparing polymeric electrode materials, you will be responsible for implementing online monitoring analytical tools (LCMS/analytical HPLC) to optimize the product formation of your electrocatalyst using electrochemical reactors. Next to leading your own research project, you will support master and Ph.D. students in the laboratory. Research visits to national and international research groups and facilities are encouraged to learn from experts in the field and allow you to get access to advanced characterization setups such as the synchrotron to characterize your new materials.

Deadline : 2023-11-01

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(04) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in PFAS Removal Using Electrochemical Methods

PFAS are a large family of synthetic chemicals that are widely used in applications including textiles, leather, paper packaging, detergents, paints, and cosmetics. PFAS consist of a carbon chain in which hydrogen atoms are entirely or partly replaced by fluorine atoms. The bond between carbon and fluorine is incredibly strong, making PFAS as a group highly stable, persistent substances. These harmful chemicals are frequently detected in Sweden and have already threatened the public drinking water supply. The aim of this project is to develop innovative entropy-stabilized oxides (i.e., high-entropy oxides) and graphene hybrid anode materials for water purification, specifically targeted for the removal of PFAS from the drinking water, by the electrochemical advanced oxidation process. A postdoc researcher with proven research experience on electrodeposition of functional oxides, is now required to implement the research activities in this interesting project.

Deadline : 2023-10-20

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(05) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc Software Engineering

Modern software products are increasingly more connected, which allows for smarter and better products. The automotive industry is highly affected by this trend on several levels – vehicle to vehicle communication, vehicle to infrastructure communication and vehicle to OEM (car manufacturer) communication. Two examples of highly connected functions are the autonomous driving and over-the-air updates. However, even if connectivity opens up for new functions, it also brings in new risks. Our project addresses the challenges that affect connected systems from the perspective of software security. The project aims at exploring and developing software mechanisms that enable interconnectivity in a secure way. It requires multidisciplinary studies of how software of vehicles, car manufacturers’ infrastructure and traffic infrastructure is constructed. It requires studies of which potential new attack surfaces are introduced and which mechanisms are required to secure our transport systems in the future.  

Deadline : 2023-10-15

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(06) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Post-doc on the environmental assessment of business models with BM-LCA

We seek a highly motivated, innovative, and interactive post-doctoral candidate interested in LCA methodologies and the sustainability of business. The major responsibility as a postdoc will be to pursue research within the scope of the project, to present your results in major journals and conferences, and be a constructive member of the project team. You will be responsible for conducting the case studies in collaboration with the companies — this task requires good modelling skills of both business models and LCA. You are expected to contribute to developing BM-LCA as a methodology for analysis of environmental performance of business models and for decoupling in a business context. You will have the freedom to independently formulate and solve research problems, within the general scope of the project. You will engage with stakeholders from industry, government, and non-profit organizations to ensure the real-world impact of your research. A limited amount of teaching and supervision may also be included in the position, depending on your preferences.

Deadline : 2023-10-29

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(07) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc position – theory of quantum metal-organic frameworks

In this role, you will actively contribute to theoretical research on quantum metal-organic frameworks and related topics. The project forms part of an interdisciplinary research collaboration between the groups of Matthias Geilhufe (theory), Lars Öhrström (synthesis), and Samuel Lara Avila (device fabrication), funded by the area of advance Nano at Chalmers. Furthermore, you will participate in scientific projects with national and international collaborators, engaging in presentations, discussions, and publications. We support your professional growth and offer opportunities to expand your expertise through specialized courses and participation in international summer/winter schools. Moreover, we prioritize the importance of personal well-being and provide benefits for health and fitness activities and flexible part-time work options to accommodate individual needs.

Deadline : 2023-09-30

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(08) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in AI-driven optimization of variational algorithms for near-term

As a Postdoctoral researcher your main responsibility is to lead a research project in collaboration with the project PIs and drive its implementation (80%). The selected candidate will also have the opportunity to mentor and co-supervise junior researchers and teach on a graduate level (20%). The research entails developing and implementing scientific ideas, establishing research collaborations, communicating your results orally or in written form via scientific venues, including in journals and at conferences.

Deadline : 2023-12-04

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(09) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc position, Development of Protein based Membranes for Water Purification

During your postdoc, you will communicate the results from your project by publishing articles in relevant peer-reviewed international scientific journals and by participating in national and international meetings and conferences. Within the daily work as a postdoc, our ambition is that you find variation and interact with not only other postdoctoral fellows, but also undergraduate students, PhD students, senior researchers and professors. Your major responsibilities are to pursue the research project and to set-up membrane production. The position will be dedicated towards scientific research, yet in an entrepreneurial setting with direct applications in mind. You are expected to develop your own scientific concepts and communicate the results of your research verbally and in writing in English.

Deadline : 2023-10-13

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(10) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc position, Biomimetic Membranes for Efficient Li-ion Recovery in Battery Recycling

Throughout your postdoctoral position, you will articulate the findings of your project by authoring articles in esteemed international scientific journals, and by representing our work at both national and international symposia and conferences. Within the daily dynamics of the postdoc role, we strive to offer you a diverse experience. You’ll be engaging with a vibrant community, from fellow postdocs and undergraduate students to seasoned researchers and esteemed professors. Your primary duties will be to spearhead the research project and establish a robust protein production process. While the position is deeply rooted in scientific research, it unfolds in an entrepreneurial environment that emphasizes practical applications. We anticipate that you’ll conceptualize novel scientific ideas and adeptly communicate your research insights, both verbally and in written English.

Deadline : 2023-10-13

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(11) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in Adaptive and Energy Efficient Power Amplifiers for Future Wireless Systems

At the Microwave Electronics Laboratory we perform application-relevant research on active high-speed electronic components, circuits, and subsystems. Our research contributes to the advancement of energy efficiency, capacity, and reliability in future wireless communication and sensor systems and is normally performed in close collaboration with industry. Our facilities include state-of-the art infrastructures for microwave/THz device characterization and fabrication (Kollberg and Nanofabrication Laboratories) to support our research and education. One of our main research directions is on microwave power amplifiers, whose energy consumption, linearity, and heat dissipation often dictate the entire wireless system design. When operated as part of an active antenna system (e.g. massive MIMO, phased array etc), the power amplifiers are influenced by scanning dependent crosstalk and heat exchange, leading to severe overall performance degradation if not addressed.

Deadline : October 15, 2023

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(12) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc position in Twisted 2D Topological Quantum Materials Heterostructure

2D quantum materials device research in Saroj Dash’s group at Chalmers aims to engineer correlated electronic states in twisted 2D van der Waals heterostructures to realize novel device functionalities. Our group develops novel approaches for nanofabrication and design new measurement techniques that lead to fundamental physics experiments and practical applications. This experimental research consists of the preparation of 2D materials heterostructure with twist angle control, device fabrication in “state of the art” cleanroom, and sensitive electronic, spin and quantum transport measurements. In addition to investigating novel correlated quantum physics, we will also study magnetism and spin dynamics in the nanoscale devices. These studies aim for a better understanding and control of the electronic transport phenomenon in these novel 2D electronic materials heterostructures and can pave the way for future generations of information technology, which can be smaller, faster, more sensitive and energy-efficient for a sustainable society.

Deadline :October 20, 2023

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(13) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral fellow in communications and coding for channels with memory

Fiber-optic channels usually have a long memory due to the physical properties of lightwave propagation in combination with signal processing algorithms in transmitters and receivers. The traditional approach to such channels is to make them virtually memoryless by interleaving, and then apply classical physical-layer techniques optimized for memoryless channels. In this project, we will instead omit the interleaver and design channel-aware physical layer algorithms. Specifically, innovative coding, decoding, and channel estimation techniques are expected. The performance will be evaluated in terms of packet error rate theoretically and in simulations (no experiments), when applied to simplified optical channel models with memory. At the Department of Electrical Engineering, we conduct internationally renowned research spanning many fields and including information and communication theory, machine learning, and signal processing. We offer a dynamic, supportive, international research environment with about 150 employees from more than 20 countries and an extensive national and international collaboration network that encompasses both other academic partners and industry. Our working language is English.

Deadline : Open Until Filled

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(14) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc position in Computing Science

This project is a close collaboration between AIXLab at Chalmers and Volvo Group. At AIXLab, our primary objective is to develop technical solutions that enhance the industrial usability of AI. In partnership with Volvo Group, we aim to advance natural language processing techniques, specifically leveraging the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs), tailored for the automotive sector. The overarching objective is to create a robust framework for the development of domain-specific LLMs.

Deadline :  2023-11-01

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(15) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc in GaN based electronics for high frequency and power applications

The Microwave Electronics Laboratory (MEL) at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience employs more than 40 people performing world-class research on high speed electronic components, circuits, and systems for a wide range of communication and sensing applications in the frequency range from 1 GHz to 500 GHz and beyond. Our facilities include a uniquely well-equipped laboratory for advanced millimeter wave measurements and a state-of-the art cleanroom facility. A major part our research is targeting new semiconductor materials and devices to enable higher capacity and improved energy efficiency in a wide range of future microwave and millimeter systems. In recent years, electronic devices and circuits based on wide bandgap semiconductors such as SiC and III-nitrides (GaN) have demonstrated disruptive performance in terms of frequency, power, and efficiency figure of merits. We will now investigate advanced device concepts to further harvest the potential of III-nitride devices and circuits. Our research in GaN HEMT technology target application within wireless communication and radar systems, as well as power electronics.

Deadline : 2023-10-11

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(16) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctor in Mathematics

This post-doctoral project is part of a larger project financed by the Göran Gustafsson Foundation for Research in Natural Sciences and Medicine and concerns the symmetrisation of Kähler manifolds. Such a symmetrisation involves the choice of a Kähler metric on so-called test configurations, which are special families of Kähler manifolds that play a crucial role in the theory of canonical metrics. The specific subject of the postdoctoral project is the existence question for canonical metrics on general families of Kähler manifolds called fibrations. This is in part governed by an equation for the metrics that are induced on the fibres of the fibration. When the fibration is a test configuration, there are results in certain cases that say that this equation can be solved, but for general test configurations, the solvability of the equation is unknown. One goal in the project is to resolve this. You are expected to collaborate with project leader David Witt Nyström, as well as Lars Martin Sektnan, at the institution.

Deadline : 2023-10-04

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(17) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc position in Signal Processing/Machine learning

As a postdoc in our group, you will primarily perform research, co-supervise Ph.D. students, and collaborate with our researchers on cutting-edge research projects. The research direction is flexible but should ideally have some connection to existing research projects to provide synergies with other activities. Our main applications are self-driving vehicles and medicine, and we frequently address challenges related to multi-object tracking, 3D reconstruction, visual localization, semantic segmentation, uncertainty estimation, and more. Moreover, we are interested in developing strategies to use semi-supervised or self-supervised learning to boost performance and reduce reliance on large, annotated datasets.

Deadline :  2023-10-13

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(18) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc position in Computational Electrocatalysis

The societal conversion to sustainable energy systems is an urgent and global challenge. The use of fossil energy sources should be phased-out and the energy efficiency of existing processes should increase. Sustainable energy systems are based on solar, wind and hydropower, and possibilities for energy storage is required to balance the intermittent nature of these energy sources. A convenient way to store energy is in chemical bonds and there is a need to develop catalytic materials that allow for energy-efficient and selective chemical transformations within the energy sector. This project will develop and apply a computational framework to explore electrocatalytic synthesis of important energy carriers and stock chemicals. The project will target the complexity of reactions at the solid/liquid/gas interface over nano-catalysts by applying a multiscale approach where the catalytic activity and selectivity are evaluated from first-principles. The work will focus on electrochemical CO2 reduction to methanol and N2 reduction to ammonia.

Deadline : September 30, 2023

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(19) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctor in mathematics

We are looking for a postdoctor working on Operator algebras. This position is a full-time temporary employment for two years, with the possibility of an extension. The position is in the field of operator algebras and associated with the research project “Order theoretic methods in operator algebras” supervised by Prof. Dr. Hannes Thiel and funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg has about 200 employees and is the largest department of mathematics in Sweden. We conduct successful research in pure and applied mathematics and mathematical statistics. We have an international environment with frequent exchanges with other universities around the world. We provide a friendly, creative, and supportive atmosphere with a steady flow of international guests. Equality and diversity are substantial foundations in all our activities. We work actively to be a parent-friendly organization.

Deadline : 2023-09-30

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(20) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral Position – Investigations of households’ carbon footprints

We are seeking a highly motivated and innovative Postdoctoral Researcher to join our team and contribute to cutting-edge research in the field of sustainable consumption. As a Postdoc, you will play a crucial role in developing novel methods to accurately estimate carbon footprints at the individual and household levels. By focusing on the impact of heterogeneity in both quality and quantity of consumption patterns, your research will enhance our understanding of the aggregated carbon footprints of different household groups.

Deadline : 2023-09-30

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(21) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral researcher in morphology-guided de novo drug design

Deep generative models (DGMs) are poised to transform our approach to biomolecular engineering by designing molecules with desired properties from scratch so as to minimize experimental screening. Methods such as DGMs can be integrated with traditional molecular simulation approaches to aid computational chemists in the design and selection of promising new drug candidates. Nonetheless, they have seen limited application to multi-target therapeutic modalities and multi-modal data. In this project, the candidate will focus on the development of novel AI tools for the de novo design of multi-target therapeutic modalities from phenotypic screens. Such an approach is an essential first step towards bridging the gap between phenotypic- and target-based drug discovery using DGMs. To this end, the candidate will have the opportunity to connect their previous experience in phenotypic screening with the latest developments in machine learning. While the focus of this project is on deep learning and method development, the ideal candidate comes from a computational chemistry or related background, and is interested in developing their machine learning expertise through this interdisciplinary research project.

Deadline : 2023-09-24

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(22) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoctoral researcher in molecular simulation and machine learning

The major responsibilities for a postdoctoral researcher in the division include designing and carrying out cutting-edge research projects. Incoming postdocs should be able to identify novel research directions and design the appropriate computational experiments to answer those key questions, while being motivated to build expertise in an area complementary to their PhD. Postdocs are expected to effectively communicate the results of their research verbally and in writing, and will receive specific training towards honing these skills if desired. While the working time of postdoctoral researchers is mainly devoted to research, this position also includes teaching at Chalmers’ undergraduate level, or performing other teaching duties corresponding to 20% of working hours (e.g., mentorship of master students). The appointment is a full-time employment for a period of not more than 2 years (1+1), funded by the prestigious Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program (WASP).

Deadline :2023-09-24

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(23) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc position in Machine learning for nuclear reactor core monitoring

A 3-year postdoctoral position is offered in the group ‘reactor physics, modeling and safety‘. The postdoctoral researcher will contribute to the study of a new generation of neutron noise-based techniques for light water reactors monitoring and diagnostics. Reactor neutron noise consists of small, stationary fluctuations of the neutron flux in the core, and it is induced by different physical phenomena such as mechanical vibrations of core components and perturbations of the coolant flow. The analysis of reactor neutron noise allows to identify anomalies that might become a concern for the operations and the safety of the reactor. In this project, artificial neural networks will be investigated to characterize anomalies from their effect on the reactor neutron noise. The models will be assessed using experiments carried out in a research reactor with well-annotated neutron noise sources. For the training of the artificial neural networks, synthetic datasets will be generated with high-order and low-order computational tools and the impact of modeling approximations will be explored and quantified. The outcome of the project will be important for the development and consolidation of trustworthy methods that can be applied to detect issues in nuclear power reactors and thus support more efficient and safer operations.

Deadline : September 30, 2023

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(24) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position

Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Postdoc (researcher) in Mass Spectrometry for Laboratory Automation

We are seeking a highly motivated, creative, and interactive post-doctoral candidate interested in analytical chemistry and laboratory automation techniques. Your major responsibilities will be establishment and development of untargeted metabolomics method (with a focus on extending yeast metabolite coverage, detection precision and sensitivity), optimizing metabolite extraction protocols, ensure the proper functioning of the laboratory analytical modules, present your research results in different settings, and to work in close collaboration with other team members. Of special focus is analytical methods development, sample preparation and instrument maintenance for a mass spectrometer, plate readers, pipetting robots, hoods and other lab equipment. This work requires a high degree of intellectual involvement and scientific creativity for making maximal use of the opportunities that yeast offers as an experimental organism combined with the unique high throughput experimentation possible with Genesis.

Deadline : 2023-09-25

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Chalmers University of Technology  is a Swedish university located in Gothenburg that focuses on research and education in technology, natural sciences, architecture, mathematics, maritime and other management areas.
The university was founded in 1829 following a donation by William Chalmers, a director of the Swedish East India Company. He donated part of his fortune for the establishment of an “industrial school”. Chalmers was run as a private institution until 1937, when the institute became a state-owned university. In 1994, the school was incorporated as an aktiebolag under the control of the Swedish Government, the faculty and the Student Union. Chalmers is one of only three universities in Sweden which are named after a person, the other two being Karolinska Institutet and Linnaeus University.


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