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18 PhD Degree-Fully Funded at University of Queensland, Australia

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The University of Queensland, Australia invites online Application for number of  Fully Funded PhD Degree at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Programs available at University of Queensland, Australia.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD scholarship: Higher yielding crops through changes in grain number

A PhD scholarship is available to investigate the genetics of grain number in sorghum. Grain number, along with grain size, is a fundamental component of crop yield and is known to vary in response to genetic and environmental factors. 

Deadline : 11 October 2021

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(02) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: Understanding fruit tree growth and yield through plant modelling

The PhD student will acquire a strong background in plant modelling techniques, as well as areas of plant physiology and horticultural management, to explore how modelling can be used to better understand and improve orchard productivity. Established field trials at Bundaberg and Mareeba will provide experimental material for initial analysis of tree architecture and determining the growth relationships to include in the modelling of the trees.

Deadline : 27 September 2021 

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(03) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: Electrochemical removal of contaminants from groundwater for drinking water production in remote and Indigenous communities

The primary role of the first PhD student will be to investigate and optimise the fundamental electro-physico-chemical mechanisms that allow for the removal of Nitrate (NO3), Arsenic (As) and Uranium (U) from target groundwaters. The candidate will also focus on the removal of secondary contaminants of importance such as: Fe, Mn, Si, Ca, amongst others. 

Deadline : 4 October 2021 

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(04) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD  Program summary/title: Integration of Indigenous knowledge into post-mine land use planning

SMI is home to six research centres and a Centre of Excellence based in Chile. We have a strong track record in developing world leading solutions in exploration, mining, mineral processing, workplace health and safety, mine rehabilitation, social responsibility, water and energy.

Deadline : 31 Dec 2021

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(05) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Optimization of engineered scaffolds for improved scaffold integration, tissue growth, repair and functional regeneration

Three independent but inter-related PhD projects have been established to support a program of research funded under an Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation and Training Centre focussed on Joint Biomechanics (ARC ITTC – JB), a collaboration between UQ, QUT and UNSW, along with multiple industry partners and practicing clinicians. 

Deadline : 26 Sep 2021

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(06) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: International/Global wildlife ecology and conservation

This project seeks to understand GLOBAL patterns in how wildlife communities are changing due to a variety of disturbances, such as fragmentation and loss apex predators. The PhD student will address these questions using a new global database of camera trapping studies.

Deadline : 01 Dec 2021

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(07) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Understanding diversity: chemokinematic tracers of galaxy evolution

There are two PhD projects on offer.

Project 1 is on galaxy angular momentum. A galaxy’s morphology is quantified by the ratio of light in its central bulge compared with total luminosity. This ‘bulge-to-total ratio’ works reasonably well for nearby, well-resolved and regular galaxies, but not as well for distant galaxies which are more difficult to observe and are more often clumpy and irregular. 

Project 2 is on chemical abundance diagnostics. Chemical content is an important signature of a galaxy’s lifecycle, as the buildup of elements from hydrogen and helium to heavier ‘metals’ is intimately linked to its history of star formation.

Deadline : 27 Sep 2021

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(08) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and hydrogeologists collaborating to better understand and manage groundwater resources

The University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) is a world-leading research institute integrating the expertise of technical, environmental and social specialists to deliver responsible resource development across the life of mine. We are dedicated to finding knowledge-based solutions to the sustainability challenges of the global minerals industry, and training the next generation of industry leaders.

Deadline : 31 Dec 2021

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(09) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Investigating novel treatment strategies to prevent post-traumatic epilepsy

This PhD project will evaluate a novel antibody therapy that targets a “bottleneck” molecule of danger signalling in a preclinical model of TBI. The known safety profile of the agent in humans will allow successful outcomes to be rapidly translated to clinical trials and speedier regulatory approval to clinical care. Using a combination of inflammatory molecule profiling and MRI and PET imaging, this PhD project has the potential to develop robust biomarkers for tailoring treatment to individual patients.

Deadline : 06 Oct 2021

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(10) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: CFD modelling of plasma reactor

A full scholarship is available for a PhD student to conduct research on Plasma reactor modelling.
Thermal Plasma based chemical processing technology provides a unique opportunity to carry out reaction with exceptionally fast kinetics and residence time usually in order of few millisecond. This feature has been exploited to intensify the conventional chemical process into a low footprint skid based plant. Such small plants are quickly catching the interest of small to medium industries.

Deadline : 05 Oct 2021 

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(11) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Quantum Enhanced Biosensing

Our research fellows and PhD students work closely together. Our team members come from many technical and personal backgrounds, allowing for plenty of cross-pollination of ideas.

Deadline : 31 Dec 2021

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(12) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Catastrophic rock and concrete brittle failures

A PhD position is available as part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery project titled “Catastrophic Rock and Concrete Brittle Failures”. The overall aim of this ARC DP project is to develop a new paradigm of monitoring, prediction and prevention of dangerous skin rock burst-type failures. A unique experimental methodology, measurements and analytical and numerical models will be employed to provide a better understanding of the fundamental processes in spalling-like fracturing in geo-like materials.

Deadline : 31 Dec 2021

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(13) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Unlocking the potential of crop resource use efficiencies

Prof Graeme Hammer conducts research on the physiology and genetics of complex adaptive traits in field crops with a focus on water productivity in cereals. His research underpins the development of mathematical models of crop growth, development and yield that enable simulation of consequences of genetic and management manipulation of crops in specific target environments.

Deadline : 11 Oct 2021

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(14) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Evolutionary systems biology and adaptation

This project seeks to used tools from evolutionary systems biology, computational biology, and evolutionary quantitative genetics to explore the theoretical basis of complex adaptations. The student will join the ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture, and will be co-supervised by mathematicians and quantitative geneticists. The student will have freedom to choose amongst many options for theoretical development but will also work closely with empiricists to help test some of the predictions arising from the developed theory.

Deadline : 27 Sep 2021 

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(15) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: 2 x PhD scholarship: Revolutionising sludge management turning costly waste into a safe product

Two PhD positions are available as part of a Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) titled “Revolutionising sludge management turning costly waste into a safe product”. This project aims to develop innovative biotechnology at bench, pilot, and full scales, to turn waste sludge into valuable resources such as biogas for energy, and high quality biosolids–a valuable soil fertiliser.

Deadline : 26 Sep 2021

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(16) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Engineering cerebrovascular models for surgical decision-making

This project will develop a manufacturing framework to generate a soft material macro/microfluidic cerebrovascular mimicry from patient images which in its first design is able to incorporate endothelial cells and medium perfusion to simulate physiological mechanobiology. Cerebrovascular surgery (stent, coil implants) will be simulated in the brain model, which aims to act as a preoperative testbed to compare surgical approaches and engineer better implant designs.

Deadline : 27 Sep 2021

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(17) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Engineering vascular conduits in grafts to control mass transport for tissue regeneration

The project aims to manufacture lab-grown patient-specific grafts with inbuilt vascular conduits optimally designed for defect-specific regeneration and patterned tissue maturation with minimal patient morbidity. These conduit-grafts will be manufactured and validated in bioreactor tissue culture, with an aim toward future animal trials.

Deadline : 27 Sep 2021 

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(18) PhD Degree  – Fully Funded

PhD Program summary/title: Space-Based Quantum Communications Platforms using Continuous Variables

This work proposes to investigate a new space-borne platform capable of quantum communications with a terrestrial ground station. Different from existing space-borne quantum communication platforms, our new platform will be based on CV (Continuous Variable) technology and will integrate the ability to seamlessly switch to classical Free-Space Optical communications when channel conditions deem quantum communications are too difficult.

Deadline : 10 Oct 2021

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About The University of Queensland, Australia  –Official Website

The University of Queensland is a public research university located primarily in Brisbane, the capital city of the Australian state of Queensland. Founded in 1909 by the Queensland parliament, UQ is one of the six sandstone universities, an informal designation of the oldest university in each state. The University of Queensland was ranked second nationally by the Australian Research Council in the latest research assessment and equal second in Australia based on the average of four major global university league tables. The University of Queensland is a founding member of edX, Australia’s research-intensive Group of Eight and the global Universitas 21 network.

The main St Lucia campus occupies much of the riverside inner suburb of St Lucia, southwest of the Brisbane central business district. Other UQ campuses and facilities are located throughout Queensland, the largest of which are the Gatton campus and the Mayne Medical School. UQ’s overseas establishments include UQ North America office in Washington D.C., and the UQ-Ochsner Clinical School in Louisiana, United States.


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