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08 PhD Degree-Fully Funded at Maastricht University, Netherlands

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Maastricht University, Netherlands invites online Application for number of  Fully Funded PhD Degree at various Departments. We are providing a list of Fully Funded PhD Programs available at Maastricht University, Netherlands.

Eligible candidate may Apply as soon as possible.


(01) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD Position in Mass Spectrometry Imaging

A fully funded PhD studentship in the field of mass spectrometry imaging is available in the research group of Dr. Sebastiaan Van Nuffel at the Maastricht University. The position is based at the Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging (M4i) Institute, embedded in the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) at Maastricht University.

Deadline : 16 Oct 2022

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(02) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: 4-year PhD position on biomimetic microscaffolds within the programme ‘SMART Organ-on-Chip: Standardized open Modular Approach to Recapitulate Tissues’ at the MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine

Organ on chip (OoC) is a game-changing approach in which human cells are cultured in microfluidic chips simulating and predicting the response of healthy and diseased human tissues. OoC has the potential to revolutionize today’s biomedical testing procedures that often involve ethically challenged animal testing and, most importantly, lead to variable results. Despite its promise, OoC adoption is hampered by profound technical and functional limitations. In a multidisciplinary programme, engineers and biomedical researchers join forces with 25 end users to overcome these limitations by developing a novel, Standardized, open and Modular OoC Approach to Recapitulate Tissues (SMART OoC), see The programme will develop and integrate a standardized microfluidic SMART docking plate into which chip modules can be plugged, technical chip modules for microfluidic actuation and sensing, readout technologies for multiparameter monitoring, and prototype tissue chip modules with 3D organ architectures and integrated tissue microenvironment. The functionality of the SMART OoC models will be demonstrated by inducing inflammation and testing drugs.

Deadline : 4 Nov 2022

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(03) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: Vacancy PhD at the Spatial Omics group at the Instituut MERLN, divisie Cell Biology – Inspired Tissue Regeneration (cBITE), Maastricht University

In this project, the candidate would be responsible for the development of in vitro models to study musculoskeletal diseases in order to improve the regenerative capacity of complex tissues such as cartilage with special focus on the role of IFP as a source for mesenchymal stem cells and joint homeostasis preservation. The characterization of these in vitro models will be performed by proteomics, mass spectrometry imaging and high throughput technologies.

Deadline : 16 Oct 2022

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(04) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD candidate (1,0 FTE), Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, NUTRIM – Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology for research on Maillard reaction products and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

We are therefore looking for an enthusiastic PhD candidate to investigate the toxicological relationship between the formation of Maillard reaction products in food products and their local effects in the intestines that could contribute to the development of IBD. This will be done by conducting in vitro toxicological studies with regards to various endpoints (immune effects, microbiome effects and intestinal integrity). Additionally, the epidemiological relationship between exposure to Maillard reaction products and the onset of IBD will be assessed using Food Frequency Questionnaires. The PhD position will be based at Maastricht University in the department of Pharmacology & Toxicology in collaboration with the department of Internal Medicine.

Deadline : 13 Oct  2022

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(05) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD-candidate (1,0 FTE) at FHML-NUTRIM / dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology for investigating the influence of sugar sources on the Maillard reaction in food

We are therefore looking for an enthusiastic PhD candidate to analyze the influence of different sugar sources and other parameters (digestion, temperature, pH, etc.) on the course of the Maillard reaction, and to furthermore investigate how this changes the toxicological effects of Maillard reaction products in the intestines. This will be done using chemical analytical techniques, (liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS) and various in vitro toxicological assays with regards to several toxicological endpoints. Furthermore, the TNO GastroIntestinal Model (TIM-1) will be used to study the effect of digestion on the course of the Maillard reaction. The PhD position will be based at Maastricht University in the department of Pharmacology & Toxicology in collaboration with Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR).

Deadline : 13 Oct 2022

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(06) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD candidate position to investigate neural processes of visual surface perception in humans

We are seeking candidates for a Ph.D. position aimed at investigating the neural processing of visual surface perception using 3T as well as (laminar) functional MRI (fMRI) at 7T. The primary tasks and responsibilities of the selected candidate will be to contribute actively in experimental design, acquisition, and analysis of behavioral, fMRI and TMS data. All research is embedded within the CN department, and both the fMRI scanning facilities ( and the TMS laboratories ( are in close proximity to the CN department on the Randwyck Campus. The selected candidate will be supervised by above-mentioned researchers, and will also actively learn from the large community of PhD students in the CN department.

Deadline : 9 Oct 2022

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(07) PhD Degree – Fully Funded

PhD position summary/title: PhD candidate in Neural Machine Translation

The position is embedded in the Cognitive Systems group of the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences, and the candidate will work together with other PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and other senior researchers. The candidate will conduct research in Natural Language Processing and, specifically, will contribute towards the development of a flexible multilingual machine translation model. The model will be adjustable to different settings and contexts (e.g. virtual assistants, online conferencing) making use of contextual information and transfer learning techniques, in eXtended Reality (XR) environments. The position is supported by a large-scale, multi-disciplinary Horizon Europe project, which brings together universities, companies, and end-users, all active in the fields of AI and XR, aiming at designing novel human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions within XR. The University of Maastricht, being the Scientific Coordinator of the project, is playing a key role in it.  

Deadline : 9 Oct 2022

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(08) PhD Degree – Fully Funded


The Maastricht University – Center of Neuroeconomics (MU-CEN) and the Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics (MPE) at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of Maastricht University offer a 4-year full-time PhD position in Behavioral & Experimental Economics/Neuroeconomics. The successful applicant will work with Prof. Arno Riedl (MPE at SBE) and Prof. Federico de Martino (Cognitive Neuroscience at Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience) on a project titled “How Background Uncertainty Shapes Social Preferences and Social Norm Compliance: Behavioral and Neural Evidence” funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

Deadline : 7 Oct 2022

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About Maastricht University, Netherlands –Official Website

Maastricht University  is a public university in Maastricht, Netherlands. Founded in 1976, it is the second youngest of the thirteen Dutch universities.

In 2019, 19,000 students studied at Maastricht University, 54% of whom were foreign students, with over 4,000 employees. About half of the bachelor’s programmes are fully offered in English, while the other half is taught wholly or partly in Dutch. Most of the master’s and doctoral programmes are in English. Besides traditional programmes, Maastricht University also has an honours liberal arts college: University College Maastricht and a Maastricht Science Programme in the same liberal arts tradition. The satellite University College Venlo opened in 2015.




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