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Best Online Anthropology Degree Programs of 2021 

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Anthropology encompasses the study of people and society. Includes human evolution, culture, politics, religion, and social transformation. A bachelor’s degree in anthropology is often an excellent degree for any student who desires an ambitious study of humanity itself. 

A bachelor’s in Anthropology traditionally lasts four years, and this degree prepares students for careers in anthropology, archeology, museum studies, and work in the public or municipal sector. $ 37,650 annually for private schools, according to the faculty council. 

Online programs give students more flexibility and independence. Distance students can, for example, enroll in part-time courses or graduate faster with accelerated courses. 


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If you are fascinated by getting a bachelor’s degree in anthropology on the Internet, take a look at the most effective programs in this guide. Also, find out about the career prospects and salary potential of graduates with this degree. 

What can I expect from a degree in anthropology on the Internet? 

Like many other undergraduate programs, online anthropology undergraduate programs typically require 120 credits. For traditional students, these degrees usually take around four years to complete. 

However, online Bachelor’s degree programs may take more or less time depending on the study format. Distance students can shorten a semester or a year through accelerated study, while part-time students have an additional year or two before graduation. 

Anthropology can be divided into three general areas: sociocultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archeology. Some anthropology programs specialize in a particular area, while others allow students to focus on their concentration. Some schools may offer more linguistic anthropology. 

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Anthropology programs provide students with a way of thinking critically about human societies and cultures around the world. The courses usually require a lot of reading and writing. In addition, the students practice quantitative and qualitative methods to be able to carry out research projects during their studies. Online students may need to meet some in-person and on-site requirements for the program. 

Anyone interested in archeology can participate in field research during excavations, and those interested in museums can visit exhibits in their area. Some students can also make the most of internships.


In an online Bachelor of Anthropology program, what courses will I take?


Theory of anthropology

Students usually take this course first, as it introduces the fundamental theories of anthropology. The course examines various anthropological theories developed since the nineteenth century.


Methods of Ethnography

Another introductory course in Anthropology delves into ethnography or the systematic study of individual cultures. Students learn about this area of scientific research by using quantitative and qualitative methods.

Fieldwork Many anthropology programs require students to participate in anthropological fieldwork, which allows them to conduct their research. Students typically propose and carry out field research projects that support their interests, overseen by faculty.


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Anthropology and sociology

This course examines the evolution of cultures around the world as well as social attitudes in various cultures. Students also study the economic and political aspects of global cultures.

Museum Studies students who want to work in the museum industry will benefit from this course, covering topics like museum conservation, research, and education. This course also covers the ethical considerations that go into curating and managing museums. Students frequently visit museums as part of this course.

What are the admission requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Anthropology? 

In general, the application process for traditional and online courses in anthropology does not differ significantly; however, applicants for distance learning who apply as nontraditional or transfer students must submit additional documents. Below is a list of the most common application requirements. 



First, you have to fill in the application form yourself. For distance learning programs, prospective students must fill out their records online. Candidates provide basic information about themselves, including their academic background and extracurricular or volunteer activities. 


 Test Results 

Most anthropology programs, including online and campus programs, require prospective students to submit college entrance exam results. Colleges usually accept the ACT or the SAT. You will need to take these exams multiple times to get the best result. Once you have a satisfactory score, you should submit these results to your potential colleges. 


Letters of Recommendation 

Colleges often ask applicants for 23 letters of recommendation from former teachers. You can request a former high school teacher or college professor if they are applying to transfer students.If you’re a nontraditional student, find out if a previous employer can vouch for you. Asking advice can be intimidating, so ask an educator with whom you have an honest relationship. Please acknowledge that you are giving them plenty of time in the same way. 



You can expect to write at least one college application essay when applying for an undergraduate degree, although some schools require two or more. Try to tell a story that shows your potential as a student or your passion for the field of anthropology. Ask a trusted source to review the essay before adding it to your online application. 


Official Credentials 

Admissions departments prefer to see your academic performance to remember previous credentials. Submit your official high school transcripts instead of unofficial copies. If you’ve attended dual study programs or have already completed a year or two of College, please submit these college transcripts. Would you please confirm to test that your school will accept transfer credits first?


What can I do on the Internet with a Bachelor of Anthropology? 

When anthropology students graduate, they enter a comparatively small but growing field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), around 8,500 professionals were working as anthropologists and archaeologists in 2020. 

While anthropology may not be the most popular subject or area of ​​expertise, the BLS predicts the profession could add around 600 jobs from 2020 to 2030, a 7% growth rate. $ 66,130 in 2020. However, 

Anthropology graduates are not required to enter the field of anthropology. This degree equips students with critical thinking and writing and experience with human social, and cultural structures. Museums or in the public or nonprofit sector. 



Professional anthropologists study human societies and cultures around the world and throughout history. They often become experts in a particular field and can use observation and interviews to narrate their research. Although some anthropology positions require a degree or Ph.D., college graduate candidates can get a research assistant position. 

Median Annual Salary: $ 66,130 


reviewing human history and prehistory. Examine and analyze human remains and artifacts from past cultures, often using excavation tools and geographic information. 

 Average Annual Salary: $ 66,130 


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Museum Technicians 

Museum Technicians maintain and preserve artifacts in collections and exhibits. They display museum objects in a protected manner and prepare them for transport. This job is also a stepping stone for people who, at some point, are aiming for a degree or doctorate. And become a museum curator or archivist. 

 Median Annual Salary: $ 52,140 


Community Medical Expert 

These professionals must have specific knowledge of how people address health issues in a social setting, identify community health needs, and address cultural and other barriers to health services through outreach programs. If you are studying biology or anthropology, this job might prove to be an honest one. 

 Median Annual Salary: $ 48,140 


Community and Social Services Manager 

Anthropologists study human culture and social structures, and they will use their experience working for nonprofits and government groups that support communities. The heads of social and community services oversee these groups and perform administrative tasks. These professionals also practice their writing skills when preparing grant applications. 

 Median annual salary: $ 69,600


Best Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology Programs in 2021


1 Florida State University-Online

Location- Gainesville, Florida

Through its College of Subjects and Sciences, UF offers a web bachelor’s degree in anthropology. From a global perspective, the program incorporates a broad, holistic curriculum. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of professional positions in academia, research, and government.

The 120-credit program requires a minimum of 34 credits from the anthropology major and a minimum of 18 credits from the University of Florida. Students may value concentrating in a specific subfield such as anthropology, biological anthropology, linguistics, or archaeology. The BA in verynthropology leads to a capstone requirement.

UF charges a lower tuition rate per credit experience for approved online undergraduate programs, whether a student lives in Florida or outside of Florida. 


2 Central Florida University (UCF) 

Location- Orlando, Florida 

The humanities are essential to the holistic BA in Anthropology at UCF. Religions graduates are qualified for professions in archeology, conservation, and anthropology, among other things.

Asynchronous courses are completed by students using the UCF virtual learning platform. The net Bachelor’s degree in anthropology is one of 20 online degree programs offered by UCF, which also provides anthropological degrees in history and social sciences.

Applicants must have a minimum of 60 transferable college credits or meet high school GPA and SAT or ACT requirements. Students with 60 or more transferable college credits or a degree must meet English, Math, and World Languages needs with a GPA of at least 2.0.


3 Arizona State University Skysong.

Location- Scottsdale, AZ,

ASU’s online Bachelor of Anthropology program investigates human evolution through social behavior, culture, language, and biology. Sociocultural anthropology and evolutionary anthropology

ASU offers a variety of start dates for the web program. Each online course lasts 7.5 weeks. The BA in Anthropology requires 120 credits across 39 courses, culminating in anthropological practice. Students can participate in virtual excursions and search the ASU’s digital fossils and relics database.

Anthropologists, geneticists, and bioarchaeologists are among the faculty members. Online students have access to private counseling services, time management training, and technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


4 Oregon State University

Location- Corvallis

Oregon State University or OSU’s nationally renowned School of Discipline, offers a bachelor’s degree in Internet Anthropology. / Linguistics or general anthropology. Personal on-campus assistance is required for the Archeology option.

The program requires 180 quarter credits and emphasizes fundamental study subjects as well as professional skills such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and independent research. Graduates are qualified for a variety of careers in fields such as education, human resources, law, medicine, and business.

For online tuition courses, regardless of residence, OSU charges a single group tuition rate per credit point. Distance learners can select from a variety of start dates throughout the year. The program’s final course examines anthropology in action.


5 University of Houston

Location- Clear Lake

Houston, TX UHCL offers a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Anthropology with an expedited option for full-time students. Autumn, spring and summer semesters can be completed in two years.

UHCL also has a generous credit policy for college students with prior knowledge.

The accelerated online “completer” path allows students to use credits from freshman and sophomore courses and only take the junior and senior courses required for a bachelor’s degree.

UHCL’s online programs emphasize universal professional skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, and research. Graduates frequently enter fields such as healthcare, human resources, and education.


6 Colorado State University

Location- Fort Collins, CO

The online Bachelor’s degree in anthropology offered by CSU emphasizes professional skills such as marketability, cultural diversity, and essential mindsets. The social, natural, and human sciences are the foundations of the 120-credit curriculum.

Students can minor in one of ten subjects, including humanities, economics, and natural sciences. Although it is not required, students can participate in a summer session on campus to gain hands-on experience in paleontology, archaeology, or ethnography.

Introductory anthropology and geography courses are required for the program. Students must also take at least one course in archaeology, biological anthropology, and social anthropology. The title concludes with a very concluding seminar.


7 Southern New Hampshire University.

Location- Manchester, New Hampshire

SNHU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology program has a generous crediting policy and multiple entry points.

Students are permitted to transfer up to 90 college credits. Throughout the year, the SNHU accepts applications continuously and offers six online start dates for Bachelor’s courses.

The 120-credit-point curriculum includes an experience-based learning component as well as an internship. The course covers topics like ethics and anthropological research, and it concludes with a final project. Students may want to learn more about environmental sustainability.

Regardless of where they live, all online college students pay the same rate of tuition for credit. Full-time and part-time military members and spouses of conscripts are eligible for additional study discounts at the university.


Troy University 

Location- Troy, Alabama

Online Bachelor of Anthropology programs is available from Troy University.

Through the Troy Archaeological Center, the program provides opportunities for hands-on learning.

The online course requires 120 credits earned over four years. Linguistics, archaeology, and social anthropology are all covered in the course.

The online program includes field and laboratory components that provide hands-on experience. Troy University offers experiential learning opportunities in the Southwest and Southeast of the United States. Online students have access to five start dates per year. Academic semesters last nine weeks online.


Western Illinois University 

Location- Macomb, IL

WIU’s online Bachelor of Anthropology program provides students with unique research opportunities thanks to grants from the National Science Foundation and the USD Department of Education. Explanation of the museum sector and thus the Dickson Mounds Museum., students can join WIU’s Western Anthropology and Social Club and attend a summer archaeological field school session that may include studying abroad. The 120-credit program provides online and hybrid learning options. The course consists of an internship and concludes with an honors thesis in anthropology.

WIU offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to specialize in anthropology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology, and/or archaeology. GradTrac at WIU provides full-time transfer students with an accelerated path to graduation.


10 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Location- North Dartmouth, MA 

UMass Dartmouth offers a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology, with new students able to transfer up to 75 credits. Anthropology.

Introductory courses in sociology or social anthropology are required as part of the 120-credit curriculum. The program comes to a close with an internship and a senior seminar. Instead of a series of internships and workshops, students may prefer to complete a two-semester, six-credit academic study.

Regardless of where the student lives, UMass Dartmouth charges a tuition fee per credit point for any or all online courses.

Individualized advice and counseling, as well as free online tutoring, are available to distance learners.



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