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Best Online Colleges & Universities in Southwest 2021

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As colleges deal with the COVID19 pandemic, we continue to bring you helpful student resources and the most up-to-date information on online programmes. 

College students in the Southwest have a variety of options thanks to the region’s major educational centres. Some of the highest degrees available at universities in Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma, for example, are in engineering, healthcare, accounting, and computer science. The Southwest also has many tribal colleges and universities, with at least two in each of Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.


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These organisations promote native American cultures, languages, and traditions.

Over the last decade, the Southwest has worked to grow its technology, renewable energy, aerospace, and defence industries. Furthermore, according to a recent study, Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma are among the top 20 states with the most states doing business within the United States, making these areas popular destinations for college students looking for educational opportunities.

Compare universities in the table below to see what this region has to offer future students.


What are the best online College & Universities in the Southwest in 2021? 

Here are the top ten:

The VacancyEdu Ranking Team compiled this ranking.


Denver University



Central Campus of New Mexico State University



Mexico’s last Main Campus University



Fort Collins, Colorado State University



Regis College



Arizona State University



Anschutz Medical Campus / University of Colorado Denver



Eastern New Mexico University’s Main Campus



Arizona Christian University is a Christian university in Arizona.



Skysong at Arizona State University



Southwest’s Top Accredited Online College and Universities in 2021


1 University of Denver Campus

Location- Denver, Colorado

DU is one of the most accessible universities in the Southwest, with many online degree programmes available, including undergraduate programmes for students returning to college after taking a day off. At DU, you can major in one of six subjects, such as Communication Arts, Global Studies, or Health Administration.

DU offers three options for online students: 100% online, hybrid, and “hyflex.” Hyflex courses are taught both online and in-person at the same time, giving students the option of returning to campus or attending classes virtually. Online classes at U can be synchronous or asynchronous, depending on the course.

To apply for DU’s online undergraduate degree programmes, prospective students must submit a personal statement, resume, and official transcripts from each secondary school attended. Tuition for college students completing their degree online is $698 per credit point.


2 New Mexico State University’s Main Campus

Location- New Mexico’s capital city is Las Cruces.

The U.S. The New Mexico State University has been designated as a premier institution for Hispanics by the U.S. Department of Education. The university, which is based in New Mexico, is also one of the most effective online universities in the Southwest. NMSU offers more than 70 online programmes.

Students at NMSU can pursue associate and bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice, education, science, and a variety of other fields. Geomatics and public health programmes are available to returning college students.

NMSU provides entirely online and hybrid programmes.

For college students studying online, the standard fee is $ 380 per credit. Active-duty servicemembers pay a loan fee of $250. Freshmen in college must submit their ACT or SAT scores.


3 Main Campus of the University of New Mexico

Location- Albuquerque, New Mexico

UNM, which is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers 30 online degree programmes. Accelerated programmes are also available at the university. A Bachelor of Native American Studies, a Bachelor of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Radiology Science are among the accelerated online programmes available.

Many of UNM’s online courses are available entirely online. Some programmes, however, may have on-campus requirements. A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and an accelerated bachelor’s degree in communications are both available online. Regis also provides online certification programmes, such as an applied craftsmanship certificate.

Students enrolled in accelerated online programmes pay the same tuition regardless of residency. These accelerated online programmes cost between $400 and $600 per credit. Undergraduates in non-accelerated online programmes, on the other hand, pay standard tuition rates, with state residents paying but out-of-state students not.


4 Colorado State University-Fort Collins

Location- Fort Collins, Colorado

Prospective students looking for an entirely online college experience in the Southwest should look into CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado. Except for the business administration/accounting programme, all of CSU’s online bachelor’s programmes are frequently completed entirely online.

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On-campus requirements are part of the program. Further study options include a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, a bachelor’s degree in fire and rescue service management and a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. 

CSU has received numerous honours, including a platinum award from the Association for the Promotion of Sustainability in Education. The university also offers a web-based bachelor’s degree in environmental and resource economics. 

Undergraduate tuition for CSU’s online programs is $ 476 per credit plus fees, and this applies to both Colorado residents and non-state students. Bachelor applicants must have a GPA of at least 2.0. 


Regis University is a private university in Colorado. 

Location- Denver, Colorado

Regis College is a Jesuit school in Denver, Colorado. The university oversees over 120 programmes, with more than half of them available entirely or partially online. A BS in cybersecurity and an accelerated BA in communications are two online options. Regis also offers online certificate programmes, such as one in applied craft brewing.

Tuition varies by programme, but many cost $475-$555 per credit. Undergraduate degrees necessitate the completion of 120 credits of coursework.

Admission requirements vary as well. Academic transcripts, resume, and essays may be required of applicants to Regis’ online undergraduate programmes. Regis accepts applications on a rolling basis but encourages students to apply early.4


6 University of Arizona

Location- Tucson, Arizona

The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, Arizona, and is home to one of the most effective accredited online universities in the Southwest. Arizona Public University has the highest average salary among its students.

The University of Arizona offers more than 40 online college programmes, including a Bachelor of Emergency Medical Services, a Bachelor of Rural Leadership and Renewal, and a Bachelor of General Science in Sports and Society. Courses of study can be completed without ever setting foot on campus. even if some programmes have personal requirements

Online courses last 7.5 weeks and are managed through D2L, the University of Alberta’s online learning management system. Prospective students must submit an application as well as their transcripts. Admission to some courses is subject to additional requirements.

Undergraduate tuition and fees range from $ 500 to $ 610 per credit hour.

Tuition fees are the same for online students regardless of where they live.


7 Anschutz Medical Campus / University of Colorado Denver

Location- Denver, Colorado

CU Online, the University of Colorado’s web branch, offers a variety of bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programmes. CU Denver offers these programmes, which include a BA in Ethnic Studies and a BA in Business Administration. Current and prospective nurses can earn their BS in Nursing online through the Anschutz Medical Campus of CU Denver.

The university’s online undergraduate and graduate programmes require 120 credit points. Tuition fees vary depending on the subject, but some programmes charge $ 330 per credit for Colorado residents and $444 for out-of-state students. The ADN to BSN and RN to BSN programmes cost $ 400 for citizens and $ 530 for non-residents per loan.

Students at CU Online have access to support staff such as enrollment navigators, academic advisors, and study success coaches. Students can also get help from the university’s library 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


8 Eastern New Mexico University’s Main Campus

Location- Portales, New Mexico

ENMU has over 30 online degree programmes. Some programmes allow students to select the type of high school they want to attend. Aeronautical science students, for example, may prefer a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Science and Applied Arts.

Online government students paid $289 per loan during the 2020-2021 school year, while online international students paid $374 per loan. Furthermore, through ENMU’s dual enrollment programme, high school students can attend classes for free. Students can complete all or a portion of their degrees online. They have live or on-demand access to online courses.

Prospective students can apply for free online or by mail. Transcripts and ACT or SAT scores must also be submitted by applicants.


9 Arizona Christian University

Location- Glendale, Arizona

The Arizona Christian University (ACU) in Glendale, Arizona, is an evangelical Christian university with a disciplinary focus. Students can choose from 14 online degree and certificate programmes offered by ACU. A bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry and a bachelor’s degree in biblical and theological studies are both available online.

Tuition for ACU online courses is $ 450 per credit point. Students must also pay a $ 45 technology and resource fee for each course they enrol in, as well as a $ 200 graduation fee and be evangelical Christians. Upon admission, each student is assigned an enrollment management specialist to assist them in meeting college requirements.


10 Skysong at Arizona State University

Location- Scottsdale, Arizona

ASU, based in Phoenix, Arizona, offers over 200 online certificate and degree programmes, including approximately 130 undergraduate programmes.

Students can specialise in a variety of fields of study. ASU, for example, offers five bioscience courses: Biology and Society, Conservation Biology and Ecology, and Biomedical Sciences.

ASU provides completely online courses. Students can participate in virtual laboratories and take exams remotely with the help of online supervision. Accessibility tools, such as recorded video conference transcripts, are also available in ASU courses.

Tuition for many online undergraduate programmes is $ 561, $ 661 per credit plus fees; however, courses under the RN to BSN programme cost $ 474 per credit plus tuition, and students must demonstrate a basic understanding of math English, and other subjects to be admitted. In addition, in the first year, applicants must submit their ACT or SAT scores.


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