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Best Art Degree Jobs Available in Today’s Economy

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Many creative professionals have lost income and jobs as a result of the pandemic. Some of the most basic Art Degree major jobs are frequently found in fields such as design and marketing. Art students and recent graduates should look for job postings and market themselves on social media. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, experts predict that the art world will adapt.

The COVID-19 pandemic has leveled the playing field for many professionals, particularly those involved in the arts. Opportunities in several sectors have come to a halt, with many corporations laying off employees, downsizing, or closing down completely.

Those who work in the arts are among those who have been disproportionately affected by the general public health crisis. Many people have lost their jobs, seen freelance opportunities dry up, and seen their businesses suffer significant losses. This is exacerbated by the fact that creatives are frequently viewed as disposable by companies.


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Fine and applied arts are particularly hard hit by the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Americans for the Humanities, the pandemic cost art and cultural nonprofits an estimated $14.8 billion in revenue last year, with 35% of employees laid off or furloughed.

The arts and humanities have been hit particularly hard by the economic downturn. According to a Brookings Institution study, these industries lost 1.4 million jobs — half of all jobs in the two sectors — and more than $40 billion in sales. Even now, art galleries, museums, theatres, production studios, and concert venues are struggling to stay afloat.

With all of this in mind, the art sector’s outlook for the coming months is somewhat bleak. Over the past year, nearly nine out of ten creatives reported a loss of income, with a mean annual loss of $21,500.


Best Art Specialist Jobs Today

Even though COVID19 had a significant impact on the humanities, some creative jobs fared better than others. Let’s look at some of the best industries for artists and some of the most lucrative careers for art graduates. You can begin immediately.


Design and Architecture

Although the pandemic had a disproportionately high impact on the fashion industry, jobs in architecture and fashion design were largely unaffected, with a 13.2 percent overall job loss rate. Because most tasks are done on the computer, you can easily switch gears from home.





 (APR-JULY 2020)

Architect $80,750 1% 1.6%

Fashion Designer

$73,790 -4% 2.5%*
Game Designer $66,000 4% 1.1% (all other designers)

Graphic Designer

$52,110 -4% 3.3%


Marketing and public relations

Marketing is another excellent career path for creatives interested in advertising, design, public relations, or communication. Designers, marketers, and agents can quickly complete projects and collaborate with others from a distance because much of today’s advertising is achieved through the internet and social media.



Advertising and Promotions Manager $135,900 6% 2.9%
Art Director $94,220 -2% 1.8%
Public Relations Specialist $61,150 7% 2.5%
Advertising Sales Agent $53,310 -6% 1.7%


Communication and writing

While the creative writing industry continues to suffer setbacks (with a 7.6 percent job loss rate), related add areas like editing and technical writing are expanding. At the moment, these alternatives have relatively low job loss rates, making them strong contenders for creative job seekers.

Technical Writer $72,850 7% 0.7% (all other comm jobs)
Editor $61,370 -7% 2.0%
Translator $51,830 20% 0.7% (all other comm jobs)


Is a degree in art still valuable in today’s job market?

Some art graduates will have more opportunities than others, depending on their primary and skill set. Having the name of a specific school on their degree may be interpreted as a stamp of approval by creative companies, agencies, and organizations by some job seekers.

The creative processes of artists can be hampered by social distance and remote work.


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While an art degree can provide numerous advantages, the current economic climate has highlighted several of the credential’s underlying issues. The massive amounts of debt accumulated by art students have received increased attention.

Graduate students at reputable art schools can pay up to $30,000 in tuition and fees per year, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Furthermore, temporary business closures have not always resulted in a significantly reduced workload for those with an art degree. For many artists, social distance and remote work are impediments to the collaborative and inventive process.

Nonetheless, despite the current economic downturn, many art careers are still flourishing, particularly those who have always been interested in independent, at-home work, such as graphic design.


5 Job-Seeking Suggestions for Art Degree Students and Recent Graduates

While the value of an art degree varies, there are several ways for art students and recent graduates to forge careers and earn money in these difficult times.

1. band together With the help of job boards and directories,

Online job boards and directories are excellent resources for art students and graduates seeking to keep up with industry trends. You’ll use these tools to look for full-time, part-time, and remote jobs in your desired field. AIGA, ART JOBS, and the Alliance of Artists Communities are three popular job boards for creative professionals.

2. Participate in Art Graduate Online Communities.

Online communities and websites geared toward creatives are another digital-age phenomena. Finding groups on social media platforms like Facebook and industry-specific forums can assist graduates in connecting with working professionals.

3. Use social media to promote yourself.

Using social media to promote one’s work can help art students and recent graduates gain exposure. Creatives can highlight their best qualities for industry professionals and insiders on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.

4. Make Connections with Other Professionals

One of the simplest ways to find work is to network with other creatives. Graduates can connect with like-minded people through conservatoire and industry groups. These connections may lead to information on potential job openings or direct access to upper-management positions.

5. Obtain a web Gig

While working in your field is the ultimate goal, getting unrelated jobs can be critical for maintaining or supplementing your income. Even in the midst of nationwide shutdowns, remote work remains a reliable source of income, particularly in sales and online retail.

Promoting your skills and selling arts and crafts online can be a great way to supplement your income while also using your artistic skills. Fiverr and Etsy are two popular sites that artists can use to promote their services. 


Careers in the arts in the post-COVID19 economy 

The current economic downturn has dramatically changed the job opportunities for arts graduates. Many companies have had to cut or eliminate arts-related departments such as design, marketing, and advertising, while others have gone completely online.

This widespread shift towards remote working can lead to a more permanent change in the way creative professionals work. According to FIU News, certain professions in the arts such as design, entertainment, sports, and media are better suited to teleworking than others. Jobs in these industries enable employees to produce goods and provide services from anywhere, anytime. 

“Careers will move with the advancement of life and technology, which requires professionals on the stage and behind the scenes … Michael Spring, Miami Dade County Director of Cultural Affairs.

Meanwhile, more interactive areas like drama and music that rely on personal connections for results are still being hit hard by the pandemic. Could lead to a recovery in the near future. 

While many artistic careers will continue to struggle in the wake of the pandemic, changes in the way we exhibit and sell art in this unprecedented time will undoubtedly change the way creatives work.


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