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2022 Top Community Colleges in Ohio 

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Education, sales, healthcare, and administration are some of the essential occupations in Ohio, and careers in these areas generate excellent salaries. Ohio offers graduates a low cost of living and unemployment rates at or near the national average. For example, Columbus, Ohio’s largest city, has a lower average cost of living. In contrast, many other parts of the state, especially rural areas, have even lower living costs. To start a lucrative career in the country, you want a school education. Many entry-level positions require a graduate degree, and leadership positions often require a degree. 


 Top 10 Community Colleges in Ohio 

 # 1 

 Lorain County Community College 


 # 2

 Northwest State Community College 


 # 3

 Valor Christian College 


 # 4

 Belmont College 


 # 5 

 James A Rhodes State College 


 # 6 

 Sinclair Community College 


 # 7

 Columbus State Community College 


 # 8

 Washington State Junior College 


 # 9 

 Cuyahoga Community College District 


 # 10

 North Central State College 



An associate or high school graduate can help you find a replacement or a promotion or advancement in your current job. To successfully achieve your career goals, begin your educational journey at an Ohio university. 

Ohio Community Colleges offer many benefits to undergraduate students in the state, including a per-credit tuition fee, typically applied to four-year colleges. In addition, many Ohio community colleges have transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities. You can get a bachelor’s degree in just two more years. In addition, community colleges often offer online learning, perfect for students with demanding personal or professional commitments. 

 To help you choose a college, we’ve ranked the most accessible community colleges in Ohio. Each of the facilities listed below offers rigorous curricula, key student support services, and scholarship opportunities, among other benefits. Go to a university’s website for more information on what makes a faculty one of the best in the country. 

 Finally, when reviewing these colleges, keep in mind that they only have unique academic interests, career goals, and support needs. So this ranking may not have the right school for you. Universities in Ohio can help you learn what to look for in other schools while you do your research.


Ohio’s Best Community Colleges


1 Lorain County Community College

Location- Elyria, Ohio

LCCC offers ten programs and career paths in information and data technology, hospitality and culinary arts, and humanities and ingenuity. LCCC, like all Ohio Community Colleges in this ranking, offers associate degrees and certificates, and students can earn an AA for transfer entirely online.

In addition to traditional programs, LCCC provides continuing education opportunities for students of all ages. The faculty offers a GED prep course for undergraduate students and allows high school students to earn both a degree and a high school diploma at the same time.

Students over the age of 50 can enroll in a variety of personal enrichment courses.

At the LCCC, all incoming grade students attend a substitute student orientation and take placement tests. If a student has a minimum ACT or SAT score of 18 or 970, they are exempt from these exams. On-campus work-study programs and dozens of school and departmental scholarships are among the assistance options.


Northwest State Community College

Location- Archbold, Ohio

NSCC caters to both traditional and advanced students by offering eight- and sixteen-week courses and 70 certificates and degrees. About one-third of the faculty is on a specialized track that assists undecided study applicants in selecting a deep level.

Students can take advantage of a variety of valuable student services outside of class. When doctoral students first enroll, they meet with an academic planning advisor to choose courses and access resources that will help them succeed academically. The Office of Professional Services meets with students one-on-one to discuss internships, Polish résumés, and job searches. NSCC accepts GED certificates, as do all Ohio Community Colleges in this ranking. All new students must go through Student Orientation, Counseling, and Registration (SOAR). Bachelor students can complete SOAR entirely online or in person by appointment and institutional scholarships; students may apply for the spring, summer, or autumn semesters.


3 Valor Christian College

Location- Columbus, Ohio.

Valor Christian College is the only school in this ranking that is affiliated with Globe Harvest Church. The 12 associate degrees and five university certificates prepare graduates for ordination as well as lay preaching.

Students enrolled in distance education can complete one of six degrees entirely online, including programs in Christian ministry, organizational leadership, and youth ministry. Evening classes are also available at this Ohio university, an excellent option for students who work full-time.

Applicants for degrees and certificates can receive one-on-one tuition at the Valor Learning Center (VLC); online students can also access tutors at no additional cost. Students can also use the VLC to hone their writing skills. Teachers provide students with detailed feedback that they can apply to current and future writing assignments.

Prospective students must submit their ACT or SAT scores to Valor Christian College. Applicants must also submit a letter of recommendation from their pastor and an essay on a topic related to Christian ministry. A minimum grade of C is required to receive credit. The college provides four scholarship options, one of which includes full-time enrollment.


 Belmont College

Location- Saint Clairsville, Ohio.

Belmont College educates over 1,200 graduate or certified students in three Ohio locations as well as online. The school grants AA and AS degrees, which can be transferred to four-year state universities.

To meet academic requirements, students in this career do not choose significant but comprehensive general education credits. Building maintenance, public safety, and knowledge transfer are all covered in certification programs. Technology.

How to Become an Astronaut and What to Study?

Academic advisors are available to help students prepare a graduation plan at this Ohio university. Students can take a professional interest assessment and have a highly qualified career advisor review their resumes in all program-specific organizations. Applicants must complete a new student enrollment checklist, which includes submitting high school transcripts or GED scores. All students attend a Freshman Experience Orientation, which can be done on campus or online. Belmont College provides over a dozen scholarship options worth up to $2,250 per semester. Some scholarships necessitate the submission of a separate application.


5  James A. Rhodes of State College

Location- Lima, OH

Rhodes has four academic departments: Allied Health, Arts and Sciences, Business Technologies and Public Service, and Nursing. Each department confers degrees and certificates; however, only degrees conferred by the Arts and Sciences Department qualify students for transfer to a four-year institution. These AA and AS degrees concentrate on English, history, psychology, and sociology (rather than majoring in any subjects).

Applicants for degrees and certificates in Rhodes can arrange for academic advice or advisory services. This community college in Ohio’s continuing education program has highly qualified advisors to assist students and alumni in finding job openings and selecting a portfolio of experts. Ohio, and thus the United States, post job openings on the Rhodes website and actively recruit alumni.

Rhodes accepts applications online or by mail, and new students must also submit their FAFSA results. Prospective students who have never attended college take placement tests, attend an orientation, and meet with a counselor. Scholarships necessitate a separate application.


6 Sinclair Community College 

Location- Dayton, OH 

 Sinclair has transfer agreements with over 100 colleges and universities, making it an excellent option for college students enrolling in an undergraduate program. Corporations and utilities, and STEM degrees and certificates. Distance learners can choose from 20 programs entirely online. 

Like many excellent Ohio community colleges, Sinclair has an Honorary Department that allows students to choose from the Honors Initiation Program or the Honors Scholarship Program. The former offers greater flexibility; Students can take as many Honors courses as required, while those in the Honors Scholars program can specialize in Global Studies. Candidates for both programs must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 and submit letters of recommendation. 

Sinclair uses eight application channels for different types of students. Potential students with no prior college experience take placement tests, orientation, and meet with a counselor. Scholarship options require a separate application.


7 Columbus State Community College

Location- Columbus, Ohio.

Aside from traditional AS, AA, AAS, and certificate programs, the CSCC offers a fifth option for prospective students: an Associate of Studies Technicians (ATS). Students who earn an ATS work one-on-one with a counselor to develop a personalized specialization that allows them to transfer to a four-year university or prepares them for a replacement career. academic divisions

CSCC introduces the Credit Plus school program to assist high school and high school students entering college and working. The school collaborates with districts near the Columbus and Delaware campuses to provide college-level courses that meet general education requirements in four-year institutions. There is no application fee at CSCC, and all incoming students must submit FAFSA results. There are additional application requirements for the College Honors program. Specialized enrollment counseling services are available to new, undecided, and transfer students. Students seeking financial assistance can apply for scholarships for the spring, summer, or autumn semesters.


8 Washington State Community College.

Location- Marietta, OH

WSCC offers more than 45 degrees and certificates in six academic disciplines, including health, engineering, and public service. An optional robotics and mechatronics specialization This degree assists students in developing compensation skills and preparing for entry into undergraduate programs. The WSCC, like many other schools in this ranking, is a member of the College Credit Plus program.

The WSCC Honors program attracts high-achieving students looking for smaller class sizes and networking opportunities.

Application requirements include a minimum 3.0 GPA in high school or a bachelor’s degree, as well as excellent ACT scores.

All incoming students seek assistance by submitting their FAFSA results. During the spring, summer, and fall semesters, WSCC offers new scholarship opportunities. Students in need of financial aid may be eligible for an Ohio College Opportunity Scholarship.


9 Cuyahoga Community College District.

Location- Cleveland, OH

Trist provides nearly 200 technical and professional program courses, making it an excellent choice for aspiring college students.

Students can also major in applied industrial engineering, information technology, or manufacturing. Like all Ohio Community Colleges in this ranking, TriC also offers transfer degrees. The school also provides online and fast-track options. 

Trist works with employers to host job fairs on campus and find summer internships for students. Graduate students can visit the Career Center to attend a workshop, explore careers, or apply for an internship. Academic advice and teaching are other valuable services to TriC students. 

Trist accepts ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER results. All incoming students submit the FAFSA results. Students submit only one application, which can be used for any or all of the college-funded scholarship and scholarship opportunities. Students enrolled in the college’s Honors program may qualify for additional assistance. 


10 North Central State College 

Location- Mansfield, OH 

From its Mansfield campus, NC State offers 60 degrees and certificates, nine of which can be completed entirely online by students. in each of the 13 areas, including administration, criminal justice, education, and social affairs. This Ohio University also adapts certificate programs to the busy schedule of working professionals. 

Academic Advising at NC State has successful trainers who meet with students as soon as they enroll. After the first semester, the faculty provides students with a student advisor. The Professional Development Services department organizes training workshops, reviews cover letters, and provides resources for job searches. 

NC State encourages prospective students to meet with an admissions advisor before enrollment. These counselors help applicants through steps like submitting certificates and taking placement tests. Full-time students with College Credit Plus or Career Tech with a GPA of at least 2.75 can qualify with no tuition fees.


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